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Jen & the Pen Cards

Rude Content?
Show your soulmate how you feel with this awesome Friends inspired anniversary card by Jen & The Pen.

You're My Lobster Card

It's time to raise the roo-ster with this awesome Jen & The Pen card. Perfect for Valentine's or your anniversary.

You're My Favourite Card

All those creeks and unexplained sounds are defo not ghosts - we hope! Welcome them to their new home with this Halloween themed Jen & The Pen card.

Hope It's Not Haunted Card

This Walrus looks like my kind of party animal! Wish your very own party animal a happy birthday with this cute Jen & The Pen card.

Party Animal Card

Wish your favourite prick a happy anniversary with this cute Jen & The Pen card.

To My Favourite Prick Card

Send your fit bird this fit bird by Jen & The Pen, perfect for Valentine's or your anniversary.

Fit Bird Card

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