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Pregnancy Cards

Bun in the oven? Congratulate a dad and mum-to-be on their brilliant baby news with a pregnancy card to mark the occasion. Choose from our selection of funny cards to get them super excited or rude cards to make them scared witless!

Rude Content?
For when there's the pitter patter of tiny feet!

Pitter Patter Card

Some of us were really out here making tiny humans in Lockdown whilst the rest of us were just surviving. Send congrats on their overachieving with this funny design by Scribbler.

New Baby Card

At least parent sleep is a good way to get things done like being annoyed at getting no sleep. A Baby Shower card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Parent Sleep Card

This is the Baby Shower card that'll get you banned from the delivery room if you're starting to think you don't quite fancy it after all. Dads, I'm looking at you. Pregnancy design by Scribbler.

Oooh Baby Baby Card

They're leaving to have a child the least you can do is get them this Brainbox Candy card.

Ickle Bambino Card

We don't want to upset you or anything during this already emotional time, but your vagina will never be the same again, just saying. Congrats though! Designed by King B.

Up The Duff Card

Great news! Soon there'll be a little rugrat roaming about, leaving sh*t everywhere for you to spend your life picking up. Pregnancy design by Scribbler.

Preggerz Card

Celebrate the birth of a new baby, a little ones birthday, first steps or.. anything really cos lets be honest, every baby is the Best Baby Ever!

Best Baby Ever Card

Another Lockdown baby? What a surprise! Send congrats to the expecting parents with this Scribbler design.

Lockdown Baby Card

Show some expecting parents a reassuring glimpse oh, roughly 9 months into their future with this hilarious (for you) yet terrifying (for them) congratulations Baby Shower card by King B.

Parenting Malarkey Card

Oh, and don't make the mistake of thinking it gets any better once they hit their teenage years. More like 10 times worse! Designed by King B.

Decade Of Chaos Card

Bet those 20 mins of fun really seem worth it now you've got 18+ years of parenthood ahead of you, huh? Pregnancy design by Scribbler.

Parenthood Card

Did you know that pregnant women absolutely LOVE hearing jokes about their bump?! And they find them even funnier when they're not actually pregnant! Designed by Scribbler.

Is That A Bump Card

Say congratulations in the best way with this lovely Engagement card by Portico Designs.

Congrats Card

As the song goes: 18 years, 18 years, she got one of yo kids, got you for 18 years. But we aint sayin she a gold digger! New baby design by Lucy Maggie.

Expensive Shag Card

Send some encouragement to a soon to be mumma! A design by Hannah Boulter

Push It Real Good Card

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