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Whale and Bird Cards

Rude Content?
Hidden Gem
For a friend who throws all their allergies and intolerances out the window at Christmas, and immediately regrets it when things go to sh*t about ten minutes later. Designed by Whale & Bird.

Cat's Got The Shits Again Card

Hidden Gem
Hopefully those Christmas Trees haven't taken all the presents and lights with them! Wish someone a Merry Christmas with this Whale And Bird card.

Run Forest Run Card

Hidden Gem
James, John, Matthew! And Keith? The perfect Whale & Bird card to call out that friend who somehow tags along to everything, whether invited or not. Keep party crashing this Christmas, Keith!

Who Invited Keith Card

Hidden Gem
We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Ha-Pea New Year! Serenade your favourite pea-ple with this cute Whale & Bird design.

Ha-Pea Christmas Card

Hidden Gem
Do you know someone who is crazy about cats? Then why not send this adorable Whale And Bird card to them this Christmas.

We Wish You A Meow-Y Christmas Card

Add A Name
Whether this is a cruel bluff or you officially cutting off a familymber, send this Whale And Bird Birthday card to savagely call out a younger relation hoping for a hand-out.

No Money In This Card

Hidden Gem
If you've got a partner who loves Christmas as much as Lorraine, who'll probably cry when you insist on taking down the tree in the New Year; God help you! This is the Whale & Bird card to give them.

Three More Weeks Of This Card

Send them the good stuff on their special day with this cute design by Whale & Bird, and make sure they avoid any sticky situations!

Have A Rice Day Card

Hidden Gem
If you're eager to end the festivities with a bang, let that someone special know that you want to be partnered with them on the big day! Designed by Whale & Bird.

Pull Your Cracker Card

Send this hilarious Whale & Bird card to a new parent and hope it doesn't hit too close to home!

First Word Card

Hidden Gem
Cheer up your resident grumpy cat, whether they like it or not, and get lit-mas with this sarcastic design by Whale & Bird.

Yay Christmas Card

Herd someone's moving house? Wish them luck in their new home with this amoosing Whale & Bird design.

You've Mooved Card

Hidden Gem
This adorable Whale And Bird Christmas card to someone who loves sloths.

Merry Christmas Sloth Card

Hidden Gem
Send this adorably punny card by Whale And Bird this Christmas.

Tree Rex Christmas Card

Hidden Gem
Give this complimentary Christmas card to someone special in the hope that they'll present you with their perfectly sized package on the big day! Designed by Whale & Bird.

Well Hung Card

Send a friend the gift of shelf-care with all these happy, soothing objects. They'll be in a zen state in no time after this birthday card by Whale & Bird.

Shelf-Care Card

Add A Name
And not just as the expendablember who'll take one for the team and be eaten in the first 3 days! Send this Whale And Bird Anniversary card to a friend you want by your side at the end of the world.

Zombie Apocalypse Team Card

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