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Whale and Bird Cards

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Rude Cards?
When your children are at that... delicate inbetween age, this will seem all too familiar! Give this Whale & Bird card to your partner to share the joy.

Sniff It Barry

Remind you of anyone? Give this sassy Whale & Bird design to an animal print style icon on their birthday.


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Send this llamazing Whale And Bird birthday card to make sure a long-distance friend makes the most of their day. Remember the Birthday Llama is ALWAYS watching!

Birthday Llama

When you're not good with numbers, you should get brownie points for just remembering that it's their birthday sometime around now! It's the thought that counts! Designed by Whale & Bird.

Whose Birthday

The one where Santa had a few too many mince pies! It was only a matter of time! Give someone a giggle at Christmas with this Whale & Bird design.

Family Upset

A hot drink is the equivalent of a big, warm hug in a mug. Send this Whale & Bird card to someone far away who could do with cheering up!

Hug In A Mug

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And not just as the expendablember who'll take one for the team and be eaten in the first 3 days! Send this Whale And Bird card to a friend you want by your side at the end of the world.

Zombie Apocalypse Team

It's time to get pumped AF and get on with what you've got to do. Wish them well with this cute Whale And Bird card.

Let's Do This

For such a pretty looking birthday card, this one's pretty ballsy! Send this Whale & Bird design to a gentleman in his prime.

One Year Closer

Bears, cake and party hats. It must be someones bear-day! This is the perfect card for such an occaision. Design by Whaly & Bird.

Happy Bear-Day

Whether they're friends or family, send this adorable Whale & Bird card to the other peas in your pod this Christmas.

Ha-Pea Holidays

Remember, just because you share the slightest resemblance doesn't make you related. This Whale And Bird card illustrate that perfectly!


Aren't cats faces just so boopable!? Send a boop to them with this cute card by Whale And Bird.


Know a cockney geezer? Get them on your level on their birthday with this party animal by Whale & Bird.

Havin A Giraffe

If you don't feel like playing it cool then lay it on thick and let someone know just how AMAZING you think they are with this Whale & Bird design.

Nicest Human Ever

Give this card to that one balloon who's always letting out naughty little puffs of air! Wish a friend a happy birthday with this gassy design by Whale & Bird.


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At this age you'll need glasses? Of prosecco! Make a fizz of your friend on their birthday with this sparkling card choice by Whale And Bird.

Prosecco Pal

Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. Send this colourful Whale & Bird design to give a confidence boost to someone who is already magical, they just need reminding!

You Are Magic

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