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Charli Tait Cards

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need via the filters or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

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Rude Cards?
This sassy little sausage loves a cocktail! The perfect card for wiener loving cocktail drinkers. Designed by Charli Tait.

Cocktail Sausage

Send this sickly sweet card to your sickly sweet love! Designed by Charli Tait.

Love You Lots Like Jelly Tots

A get well soon x good luck card to hold you together until the end! A card designed by Charli Tait.

Cookie Of Courage

A Father's Day or just a father's birthday card with a great pun designed by Charli Tait.

Daddy Cooool

They've moved?? Let's hope they keep it cleaner than the last place they had'. they won't. A new home card designed by Charli Tait.

New Home

Happy birthday to your friend from yourself! The arsehole of the group. A birthday card designed by Charli Tait.

Birthday Farty

You've been a busy bee getting ready for their birthday now you only need the card! A birthday card designed by Charli Tait.

Absolutely Buzzing

Life would be un-bearable without you! Send this cute and cuddly card to your cute and cuddly love. Designed by Charli Tait.

I Love You Beary Much

If you love wacky puns then this Charli Tait card is perfect for the lucky couple about to get married.

Manatee Of Marriage

A fantastic punny card designed by Charli Tait that would make a great birthday card.

Mac And Cheese

A perfect birthday card for the friend that doesn't know what their limit is when it comes to Gin designed by Charli Tait.

Celebrations Be Gin

It's a bit of a prob-llama that you can't see your loved one. Hang in there, lockdown won't last forever! Show that you miss them with this cute Charli Tait design.

I Miss Your Llovely Face

Like bubbly? We cava-do! And so does this partying pooch. Send this card to your dog loving, bubbly drinking pal. Designed by Charli Tait.


peachy, flat or big let them know that their bum is your favourite on valentine's day with this card designed by Charli Tait.

I Like Your Bum

They are in for a big surprise. A birthday card designed by CardShit.

18 Adulting

Congratulations on them for passing now say that with this adorable card featuring a llama designed by Charli Tait.

Congrats On Your Dipllama

congratulate someone on being fabulous with this congratulations card designed by Charli Tait.

You Are Fabulous

Party until their cheeks go pink on their birthday just make sure to bring them a bucket. A card designed by Charli Tait.

Party Like A Flock Star

A new job is a great feeling! Let's just hope it stays that way. A card designed by Charli Tait.

New Plaice Of Work

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