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Ink Inc

Ink Inc

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Ink Inc - Twoo Love Owls | II16 |

Twoo Love Owls | II16

Ink Inc - Hamster With Rose | II09 |

Hamster With Rose | II09

Ink Inc - Foxes In Love | II06 |

Foxes In Love | II06

Ink Inc - Bowie Cat | II01 |

Bowie Cat | II01

Ink Inc - Butterfly Heart | II03 |

Butterfly Heart | II03

Ink Inc - Frenchie With Tulip | II10 |

Frenchie With Tulip | II10

Ink Inc - Crowned Lions | II05 |

Crowned Lions | II05

Ink Inc - Hummingbirds Flower | II13 |

Hummingbirds Flower | II13

Ink Inc - Butterflies In Heart | II08 |

Butterflies In Heart | II08

Ink Inc - Butterfly Pink Fizz | II19 |

Butterfly Pink Fizz | II19

Ink Inc - Ice-Cream Hedgehog | II11 |

Ice-Cream Hedgehog | II11

Ink Inc - Penguin And Petals | II12 |

Penguin And Petals | II12

Ink Inc - Penguins In Glass | II17 |

Penguins In Glass | II17

Ink Inc - Dog And Rose | II04 |

Dog And Rose | II04

Ink Inc - Bottoms Up! | II20 |

Bottoms Up! | II20

Ink Inc - Fish In Glass | II18 |

Fish In Glass | II18

Ink Inc - Flamingo Flower Garland | II14 |

Flamingo Flower Garland | II14

Ink Inc - Love Potion Hummingbirds | II02 |

Love Potion Hummingbirds | II02

Ink Inc - Mouse With Letter | II07 |

Mouse With Letter | II07

Ink Inc - Teacup Pug | II15 |

Teacup Pug | II15


Fashion & print designers by trade, our passion for illustration is mutual and our creative handwriting inextricable. Sisters in ink!
Our current range includes high quality greetings cards, framed prints, fine bone china ceramics, tea towels and cushions - all printed with our beloved designs.
We also offer beautiful bespoke wedding stationery packages...these aren't detailed on the website just yet...but Lovebirds, please mail us!
There are still lots of products for us to add onto the please keep checking back for new faces....;)
Welcome to our inky menagerie!
Laura & Jess  x

Welcome to the inky menagerie of Ink Inc! These beautiful illustrations come from the minds of Laura Fray & Jess Turley, an illustrative design duo based in Manchester, UK.

Laura & Jess are fashion & print designers by trade, with a mutual passion for illustration and creative handwriting.

This has allowed them to create some truly beautiful, unique and amazing cards that we are sure you will all love.


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