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What can I do within my Scribbler Account?

1. Event reminder

2. Refer a friend

3. Prepay

4. Address book

5. Order History

1. Event Reminder

Event reminder



How often do you find yourself forgetting someone's Birthday and having to run out to the shops to quickly buy a Birthday Card? We have all done it and it's such a pain! How organised would you feel if you had someone to remind you about that really important event that happens once a year without having to log onto Facebook to check the date! Whether it's your best friend's Birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or even your Anniversary (yes we do all forget sometimes), remind yourself with your personal event alert reminder in your Scribbler account.

Each time you buy a card, you will be asked if you would like to remind yourself of the event the following year. Say YES! We promise you won't regret feeling super organised when you are alerted by a friendly email five days before the event the following year. 


2. Refer A Friend

Refer a friend to Scribbler and we will reward you with a free card! Not only that, but your friend will receive 10% off their first purchase. Totes Amaze Balls! Check out our  refer a friend page for more details. 


3. Prepay

We know how annoying it can be to enter your card details every time you want to buy a card, that's why we have invented Prepay that allows you to simply pay for your cards quickly with no bank card needed! Cool Huh?! What's more, we will reward you with an extra 20% credit each time you top up. Check out our Prepay page for more details. 


4. Address Book

To make ordering cards even easier, you can store all your addresses in your address book. There are a couple of ways to store your addresses. Firstly, the next time you purchase a card the address will automatically be stored in your account so that the next time you wish to send a card to the same address, your address will be available to be selected from the drop down tab on the delivery page. If you are feeling super organised, log in to your account and select 'my address book'. Simply enter all the addresses you would like to be stored and they will be ready to use the next time you require a card. 


Address Book


5. Order History

If you ever wanted to check back to see some of the cards that you have previously sent, then check out the 'Order History' section in your account. 


Order History

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