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Retro Valentine's Cards

Summer of love anyone? Send your partner one of our unique retro style Valentine’s cards for peak nostalgia, and to show that your love is timeless! Poke fun at traditional gender roles and stereotypes with a hilarious retro design for your husband or wife. For more old-school fun, be sure to check out our photography Valentine’s cards.

Love at first sight is a wonderful thing. This Scribbler card puts it perfectly.

You had me at hello

Let's Go To Maccy D's, by Scribbler. Filet-O-Fish is the best thing on the Maccy Ds menu. Fight me. Send this heartfelt Valentine's McCard to your McValentine.

Let's Go To Maccy D's

Let them know what happens when they're around with this naughty Valentine's card from Dean Morris.

Pussy All Excited

Swallow. General Greeting Card by KissMeKwik. When dating etiquette and bird watching collide, the results are this hilariously crude card.


Angle, cup, pi. Oh, I see what you did there! Cute Scribbler card.

A Cutie Pie

Propose a cosy night in with a partner or even a chum with this Scribbler card.

Netflix and chill

This is more like it! It's time for him to become the domestic goddess you always knew he could be! Send this brilliant Scribbler card and let him know this is #relationshipgoals.

Relationship Goals

Add A Photo
Send your love to your favourite penis with this romantic Dean Morris design. Don't try and upload a dick pic here, we know what you dirty lot are like.

I Heart Your Penis Photo Upload

Dickheads need love on Valentine's Day too, so rein in the nagging for a day and send this Scribbler card.

You're A Dickhead

Show your loved one how mad you are about them with this Scribbler card. Not too cheesy.

I'm Crackers About You

Explore Uranus, by Scribbler. To boldly go where no one has gone before? Send this hilariously crude Valentine's card to your space buddy.

Explore Uranus

This Scribbler card is ideal for your other half, since you're a match made in heaven.

We're A Perfect Match

Brian might want to watch where he puts that thing, he might poke someone's eye out with it. Do you know a bike fanatic? Get them this brilliant card by Scribbler.

Feeling Pretty Stiff

Sometime's men are completely oblivious to the subtle (and not so subtle) clues that you want to bone down! Send this brilliant Scribbler card to someone who can't take a hint.

She Was Down To Fuck

Who needs chocolates and flowers When you can go straight to sexy time? A great Valentine's Day card by Brainbox Candy for your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.

Fancy A Fuck?

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