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Animal Mother's Day Cards

Celebrate a fierce mama bear by sending an animal themed Mother’s Day card to the one who raised you - the perfect choice for an animal or nature lover! Whether she’s a dog person, a cat person or a kangaroo person, make your mum smile with one of our cutest and punniest designs. While you’re at it, take a look at our other popular Mother’s Day themes: celebrity, food & drink and film & TV inspired cards.

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Rude Cards?
Mother hood actually starts the first time you mutter ffs under your breath. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Mutter Ffs

We love penguins! This Jolly Awesome card is an adorable way of spreading the love this Mother's Day.

Mum Penguin

This sassy little sausage loves a cocktail! The perfect card for wiener loving cocktail drinkers. Designed by Charli Tait.

Cocktail Sausage

Let your Mum know you love her with this sweet elephant card, perfect for Birthdays, Mother's Day or just because she's great.

Love You Mum

No matter how old we get there is nothing quite like the love and care of your Mama bear, so send her this lovely Scribbler card on her special day.

Love You Mama Bear

Send this Whale And Bird card to your Mummy and tell her how much you appreciate her.

Kangaroo Mum

Is your mum a busybody who just can't help interfering? Despite her good intentions, someone should really tell her to sit the f*ck down. Designed by Whale & Bird.

I'll Bring It Over

We don't think your Mum could bear not having this Jolly Awesome card for Mother's Day.

I Love You Mum Bear

Make sure Nanny isn't forgotten on Mother's Day! Send her this adorable Scribbler card and she'll be cracking a smile.

Nanny Happy Mother's Day

No one loves you quite like your deer mum, so give her some love and thanks for all the hard work you turned out to be when growing up with this sweet card by Ink Bandit.

I Love You Mum

Let your Mum know how much you love her with this cute card by Holly Collective, perfect for her birthday or Mother's Day.

Cute Fox

Add A Photo
Cat Mums deserve Mother's Day cards too! Give your puss a little nudge in the right direction into sending you some kitty love with this cute Scribbler photo-upload design. Don't forget you can personalise this card with Mum, Mummy, Mama Bear or whatever the heck you call her!

Paw-Some Mum

Your Mum is your biggest inspiration, so let her know with this adorable Mother's Day card by Scribbler.

Mum, I Always Look Up To You

Perfect for Mother's Day or a mother's birthday that could technically still be classed as your Mother's Day, it's all very confusing. A card by Roh Noh.

Mother Hen

Just like Mums, dogs give great cuddles! Send this Scribbler card and let your Mum know it's OK that she replaced you.

Replaced With Dogs

For someone who has more than one child and the struggle is all too real. They're not the only ones who dread bath time! Designed by Whale & Bird.

Billy Farted

Like bubbly? We cava-do! And so does this partying pooch. Send this card to your dog loving, bubbly drinking pal. Designed by Charli Tait.


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