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Christmas Cards For Teenagers

You’re never too old to get excited for Christmas and don’t let them forget it! Simply wish your resident moody teenager a wonderful Christmas time and put a smile on their face with our selection of unique, festive cards for teens. Send some love and add a splash of humour to their day with our range of hilarious, family friendly and pop culture inspired designs. Whether it’s a Christmas card for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter, earn brownie points by sending a festive card featuring their favourite celebrity, TV show or film.

For someone who can't resist a Christmas onesie! Slither in and get cosy with this funny design by Tillovision.

Yay Onesies

Christmas pudding trickery in the form of the death star! Designed by The Grey Earl.

Christmas Trap

Various iconic Christmas film characters having Christmas dinner together whilst John McClane solemnly watches through the window, as requested by Benjamin Allen. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

A Lovely Christmas Dinner

As we grow older, I think we can all relate to Roz a little bit more. Stare down a Monster's Inc lover with this intimidating Christmas card by Scribbler.

Santa's Always Watching

Ho ho how bloody hilarious! Even if this Christmas can't be Covid free, at least make it germ free and punderful. Make them laugh with this cheesy Scribbler design.

Hand Santa-izer

That fake smile you make when you open something desperately disappointing! TBF Dobby, that outfit isn't very winter appropriate. Send this Charli Tait card to a Harry Potter fanatic this Christmas.

Socks Again

Make it crystal clear that you went to as little effort as possible when choosing this Christmas card. Designed by Buddy Fernandez.

Got A Whole Pack

Can you believe Christmas is here already? Neither can Pam! Send a Gavin and Stacey superfan this brilliant card by Pedges Houseboat.

Oh My Christ Mas

Have a crackin' Christmas with Nessa and send them this amazing Gavin and Stacey inspired Christmas card by Pedges Houseboat.

Oh Oh Oh Merry Christmas

Santa, I know him! Send Christmas wishes and say I love you, I love you, I love you to a massive Elf fan. Designed by Middle Mouse.


Like to show your emotions as much as Captain Holt? Then this Brooklyn Nine-Nine inspired Christmas card by Pedges Houseboard is the perfect way to show how you feel.

Christmas Ecstatic

So, this is where the tradition of having sprouts at Christmas came from! Wish someone a Merry Christmas with this adorable card by Pango Productions.

Three Wise Sprouts

Ho ho holy crap it's hot in here! Wish a Merry Christmas Eve, Eve to your favourite Holiday Armadillo with this FRIENDS inspired Scribbler card.

One Where It's Christmas

Unbelievable Jeff, Pedges Houseboat have created this genius Chris Kamara Christmas card for your entertainment!

Unbelievable Christmas

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