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Sorry Cards by Recipient

Rude Content?
A card perfect for the co-worker that you didn!t really care about. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Off You Fuck Card

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Youre the bees knee its legs and its arms! A personalised congratulations Anniversary card designed by Doodles from my Brain.

Name You Are The Bee's Knees Card

Eh, what else can you say? They knew what they were signing up for! You're a still a dickhead but at least you?re a sorry dickhead. Designed by Scribbler.

Sorry I'm An Arsehole Card

Ooh Look! You've Given Me A Huge Stiffy. Boner alert! Proceed with caution. A great Valentine's or anniversary card by Dean Morris for your girlfriend or wife. Send one to each to avoid mistakes.

Huge Stiffy Card

Let Arnie say it how it is with this Terminator inspired Hasta La Vista card.

Hasta La Vista, Baby Card

The smartest apology, because who can say no to the offer of free drinks? Be big enough to make the first move with this Scribbler sorry card.

Pub My Round Card

Brighten someone's day when you know they've been feeling like poo with this card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Feel Like Poo Card

It's time to admit that you're trash and beg for their forgiveness. Let's just hope they don't throw this card in the you-know-what. Sorry design by Scribbler.

Sorry For Being Rubbish Card

Richard Curtis eat your heart out. A thoughtful Christmas card for your partner who always complains that you're not romantic enough' Because in reality, it's never like the movies.

Christmas Romance Card

Have you been a bit of a lemon? Do you need to apologise to your friends or family with this funny sorry card to show you no longer a bitter lemon? Then this is the greeting card for you. Featuring a cute illustrated lemon fruit character looking like a bit of an idiot, and the text, 'Sorry for being a lemon'. We all do stupid things once in a while, it happens. Thankfully, we have a card for that.

Lemon Card

There's only one thing better than make-up sex and that's angry break-up sex, so we recommend that you do that first. Sorry design by Scribbler.

Make Up Sex Card

Send someone a paper hug with this love and strength card.

Sending Love And Strength Card

Who said little red riding hood and the wolf weren't friends?  Send this cute postcard to your BFF that you argue with every 5 minutes!!! Designed by Caterina delli Carri in collaboration with the Illo Agency.

Friends Forever Card

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Let them know they rock your world with this personalised Anniversary card designed by Doodles from my Brain.

Name You Rock Card

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