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Rude Wedding Cards

Love is worth celebrating, so if your favourite couple have made the decision to grow old together, saggy bits and all, let them know you're delighted with an epic selection of rude wedding cards from Scribbler! We've got a huge range of funny and rude wedding cards to shock and make them laugh on their special day!

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Rude Cards?
Covid-19 has taken everything that is good from our lives, including their happy day and what would have been a brilliant piss up for you! Postponed wedding card by Lucy Maggie.

Fucking Coronavirus

They've had a scout around and decided that these rude bits are definitely worth it! This cheeky card from King B is definitely going to make the laugh!

Congratulations Wedding

Wink, wink - we all know how much a slapper loves cock, and so do Dean Morris.

Slapper Loves Cock

That's it, they've chosen the fanny they want to spend the rest of their life with! Congratulate a friend or couple on their commitment and sacrifice with this Scribbler photo upload card.

Forever Fanny

Let them know you have (no) faith in their marriage with this hilarious Scribbler card.

I Give It A Year

The Nice One Bellend Card is a great way to celebrate your family and friend's personal triumphs.

Nice One Bellend

The Nice One Knobhead Card is a great way to celebrate your family and friend's personal triumphs.

The Nice One Knobhead

They're committing to only sending dick pics to each other, and all of Grindr will be glad of it! This card from King B is perfect for those ex-Grindr Gods who just tied the knot!

Congratulations Wedding

Were you only invited to the reception? Then this Buddy Fernandez card is the card for you. At least you got free food and an open bar, if they weren't too stingy!

Evening Bit

And most importantly, let your bloody hair down because you're finally married! Send this birthday checklist to advise your bestie on her wedding day. Designed by Lucy Maggie.

Good Wedding List

Send your commiserations to the Bride and Groom-To-Be and cross your fingers that everyone can still fit into their outfit next year! Photo upload design by Scribbler.

Postponed Wedding

You clearly have a loving relationship with the bride and groom if you send this wedding card by Filthy Sentiments.

Mr And Mrs

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