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Swearing New Home Cards

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need with the filters above or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

Make sure you knock before you enter and always let them know you're coming around; you don't want to walk in on something questionable! Say congrats to the new home with this hilarious Jeffrey and Janice card.

Congrats On Your New Shag Pad

Shit just got real. Welcome them to their brand-new home with this hilarious Whale And Bird card.

New Pad!

Move from fantasy poop to the real stuff with a This Mama Does card.

Shit Just Got Real

Imagine MTV Cribs but WAY shitter, excuse the pun. New home design by Scribbler.

Tour Of Your New Gaff

Their door is always open, or so you thought! Say congratulations on the new home with this rude card by Jeffrey & Janice.

Come The Fuck In

I'm not being funny but it was a right shit hole! Hope they've left the damp and mice behind them with this incredibly positive, new home design by Scribbler.

Your New House

Fuck the occasion! This card by Cunning Linguist is perfect for anything.

Happy Fucking Whatever

Let's hope they can keep this house cleaner than what their last one was! A new home card designed by Jolly Awesome.

Damn Shit Got Real

There is no better way to congratulate someone on their new home than calling them a wanker as well! This card by Cunning Linguist lets you do just that.

New Home Wanker

It has walls, a roof and space for them to sleep but it is new! Send this cheeky new home card from King B to celebrate the property ladder beginners!

New Home

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