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Leaving Cards by Style

Rude Content?
Sometimes when someone leaves you can't help but feel betrayed, send this Buddy Fernandez card to let them know just what you think.

Judas Card

Another great personalised New Job card from the At Work range from Modern Toss.  Reality-based version of blue-sky thinking.

Just Say It Card

Are they buggering off and leaving you? The send them this Scribbler card and wish them just a little bit of Good Luck.

Buggering Off Card

Fuck This Shit O'clock, by Scribbler.What's the time Mr Wolf? Time to FUCK THIS SHIT! ?o'clock. Make them laugh with this hilarious card perfect for any time of the day.

Fuck This Shit O'Clock Card

For your least favourite co-worker on their leaving day. A New Job card by Scribbler.

It Will Be Much Better Card

Only some will miss them, others couldn't give a shit! Make sure they know at least of some of you will miss them with this Scribbler card.

Cheerio Asshole Card

Say goodbye for this time with this lovely card by Scribbler, perfect for gap years and Leaving Work.

Ciao For Now Card

Personalise one of our great New Job cards from Modern Toss. Let that lazy colleague (and your boss) know you're on to them.

Time Off Card

This is a genuine question. For his colleague's sake I hope the answer is yes. Send this silly Modern Toss New Job card for any occasion.

Shit Meself Card

Say good bye and Good Luck with this adorable leaving card by Claire Giles.

Bird Leaving Card

Our exclusive range of funny personalised New Job cards from Modern Toss covers every aspect of work. His work contract proves somewhat controversial.

The Deal Card

Let them know how much you're going to miss them with this sweet card by Scribbler.

We're Sorry Your Going Card

Make sure you watch the receiver of this Tillovision card open it so you get a laugh when they wave it about!

Bye Card

When one door closes another one opens! You're sad they're leaving but at least you get their desk now! Tell them you'll miss them with this silly Scribbler card.

Shotgun Your Old Desk Card

Would this Dean Morris card count as a doctors note? Worth a try.

Work Rash Card

On the plus side, maybe their new job could be in cyber?! Say goodbye to a colleague with this funny leaving card by Scribbler.

Sorry To See You Go Card

Send this Modern Toss New Job card to someone who's co-workers are a little bothersome to say the least!

Tweet Card

This Scribbler card is for that person you hope is too dumb to see the real farewell message, and can't wait to see the back of.

It's Been A Pleasure Card

Let a co-worker know if they want to keep their next job, they better pick up the quality of their work with this card from Scribbler.

Shit At Your Job Card

Say goodbye with this bold yellow card from Scribbler.

Sorry You're Leaving Card

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