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Exam Good Luck For Him

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need with the filters above or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

Send this Lucilla Lavender card to someone who may or may not be developing a beer belly!

Happy Beer Day

Everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. Send this colourful Whale & Bird design to give a confidence boost to someone who is already magical, they just need reminding!

You Are Magic

Wish a friend luck by sending this quackers Whale & Bird card to someone with a unique sense of humour!

See A Mallard

Know a proud plant parent? Show that you be-leaf in them and convince them to suck it up during the tough times with this thoughtful Whale & Bird design.

Hang In There

We love a scribble! Make someone swap out their "can'ts" for "cans" and motivate them to succeed with this positive design by Whale & Bird.

I Can Do It

Cheatah, with an A because he um cheats. But you got that already? Just don't be like him, yeah? Good luck design by Some Ink Nice.

No Cheating

I would say I have complete faith in you but I'm sorry, I must not tell lies! If this doesn't scare them into studying, we don't know what will. Harry Potter inspired Scribbler design.

Educational Decree 107

That's the spirit, just what they want to hear! Send words of encouragement and positive vibes with this Scribbler photo upload card.

Sending Lots Of Luck

Make sure someone amazing knows that they really don't succ by sending this sharp Whale & Bird design.

Rootin For You

Whether they're facing exams or He Who Must Not Be Named, send some liquid luck to a Harry Potter fan with this magical Scribbler design.

Sending Luck Your Way

Add A Photo
Encourage someone over the finish line with and stay with them every step of the way with this motivational photo upload card by Scribbler.

You Can Do It

Help someone smash their exams with this good luck card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Smash Those Exams

This is what uni is really about isn't it! This How Funny card has captured it perfectly.

Study Hard

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