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Baby Shower Cards For Mum-To-Be

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need via the filters or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

Rude Cards?
Preggs, by Full Fat. I'll take a sausage roll, a yum-yum and ? a new baby?? Say congratulations with this light hearted new baby card.


Congratulate a dog mum or dad on their new, furry arrival! You can tell it's theres straight away, the likeness is just uncanny. Designed by Scribbler.

Wonderful Pawrent

Yaaaayy! She's making a mini human! Congratulate the mum-to-be with this funny pregnancy card, from Thinkling Creative.

Pregnant AF

Aw, so cute! Such a shame it can't stay this size, life would be so much easier, eh? Congratulate new parents-to-be on their impending arrival, designed by Scribbler.

Have A Little Bean

Congratulations, you've made some mini boobies!    Designed by You've got pen on your face.

It's A Girl!

Congratulations, you've made a little willy!    Designed by You've got pen on your face.

It's A Boy!

Great news! Soon there'll be a little rugrat roaming about, leaving sh*t everywhere for you to spend your life picking up. Pregnancy design by Scribbler.


Let your friend know what an awesome parent their going to be with this lovely new baby card by Angela Chick.

Baby On The Way

Send some encouragement to a soon to be mumma! A design by Hannah Boulter

Push It Real Good

Send this Whale And Bird card to your expecting friends to make them laugh during their pregnancy!


Be A Bad Parent, by Half Moon Bay. The perfect advice for any parent that can't wait to be free! Send this card to the bad parent in your life.

Be A Bad Parent

A cool retro card, for the new human!

Baby Baby

This Brainbox Candy card is ideal for the proud impatient parents who are expecting a bouncing baby boy.

Tiny Feet Blue

Girl Pink Shit, by Scribbler. She's hasn't got a Y chromosome so she hates blue things? right? Better stock up on that pink shit! Make the new parents chuckle with this hilarious new baby card!

Girl Pink Shit

The toughest job in the world, made a little bit easier with 3 simple ingredients and this Redback card.


She has always done it all for you... Remind your mum how grateful you are with this Kardashian/Kris Jenner inspired card by Nocturnal Paper.


Congrats! The piercing sound of a crying baby will haunt your dreams and reality until you're so sleep deprived you won't even know which is which. Designed by Scribbler.

Waaaaa-Ay To Go

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