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Anniversary Cards For Her

Looking to celebrate another year with the special woman in your life? Browse our large selection of anniversary cards for her filled with all things feminine and celebratory. You know, like how she has fantastic breasts, and other equally romantic sentiments! Find an anniversary card to please your wife, fiancée or girlfriend and have her laughing with crude and punny jokes a plenty. Alternatively, check out our range of anniversary cards for him.

Let them know their love takes you high with this adorable Lucilla Lavender card.

Love You Heart Balloon

True love is them wiping for you after youre done. A card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Going For A Poo

These so many reasons you love them, they buy the pizza, spell you're correctly but most importantly they have a cute ass! Show why you love them with this awesome Valentine's card by Scribbler. Also perfect for an anniversary.

Reasons I love you

You two go together like sushi and soy sauce: a match made in heaven! Valentine's design by Whale & Bird.

You're My Soy Mate

Fish finger, anyone? Perfect for any Nigella fan, send this sensual, cooking queen to seduce a loved one with this cheeky Scribbler design.

Enter Your Pleasure Palace

Send this blunt Buddy Fernandez card to your partner and tell it like it is.

I Fucking Love You

You'll never be able to watch Next Generation in the same way again! Awkward Star Trek orgy, as requested by Sam Wise. Hilariously naughty Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Awkward Star Trek Orgy

You willy love them, and you love their willy! Let them know what this hilarious Scribbler Valentine's card.

I Willy Love You

Are you just like Ross and Rachel? Then this Scribbler Valentine's card is perfect for you!

You're My Lobster

The most romantic statement anyone could say to you during this time of uncertainty. Choose wisely! Hilarious design by Scribbler.

Self Isolate

They'll definitely be cashing these in as soon as they see this Valentine's card by Scribbler.

Love Coupons

Aw, bring out your inner ramen-tic with this deliciously punny design by Whale & Bird.

Ramen Love With You

There're 206 bones in the human body, but when I'm with you I have 207! Send this hilariously naughty Valentine's card by Scribbler and make them smile.

You Give Me A Boner

Show just how much you love them with this cutesy Scribbler card perfect for Valentine's Day or your anniversary.

Love You Hearts

Predator and Alien skipping down the beach, hand in hand, as requested by Matthew Hawkins. Hilarious Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images, the perfect card for any Sci-fi fan.

Alien Heart Predator

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