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Politics Cards

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need with the filters above or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

The great thing about having no morals is anything goes! Make your loved one laugh with this Trump inspired Scribbler card.

Win Your Heart

Christmas Kisses by Scribbler. It looks like Trump left his gift in Kim's nuclear arse-nal at the office Christmas Party.

Christmas Kisses

Christmas Crackers by Scribbler. CAUTION! May cause family arguments around the dinner table with some "Cracking" Brexit jokes.

Christmas Crackers

Send birthday wishes, or something or other from Boris! You can go out, just don't go OUT out, and see your friends but not your family, sorry. Designed by Pearl Ivy.

Don't Go Out

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Just do the opposite of what Donald Trump would do and your birthday will be great! A personalised card designed by Tache

Birthday Great Again

Oh no silly, the lockdown rules apply to everyone EXCEPT Tory MPs and Ministers! What do you expect them to do, not go to their second home?! Send the perfect disguise with this Scribbler mask/card.

Let's Break Some Rules

Despite her Brexit deal negotiations, Mrs May has taken the time out to wish you the best of luck in your marriage! Send your tory mates this brilliant Scribbler card on their wedding day.

Strong And Stable Marriage

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If anyone knows how to party it would be the person that runs Russia! A personalised card designed by Tache

Putin On A Party

If it's a relationship you want to remain firmly a part of, make sure your partner knows how much they mean to you - before it's too late! Valentine's design by Scribbler.

Roses Are Red

Yes Rishi, we do catch your drift you dirty dog. Encourage your partner to eat out to help out as per the govenments orders with this funny Scribbler card.

Eat Out To Help Out

At least when all this blows over we'll be able to get through it with good old breakfast tea. For someone who has a classic cuppa in any situation, by Poet & Painter.

English Brexit Tea

Phew, all our problems are solved! Instead of being in debt to ASOS for a pair of jeans, you can now be in debt for having your leg amputated. That's democracy folks! Designed by Scribbler.

Take Klarna

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You voted remain but democracy f*cked you. Time to hunker down and seek comfort in the arms of your Valentine. Personalised design by Scribbler.

Want To Be In EU

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I'm Feelin EU. "I can't live, if living is without EU!!!" Let them know that you want to Remain in their heart with this brilliant Valentine's photo-upload card by Scribbler. This blue card has a drawing of the EU flag and says I'm feeling EU.

I'm Feelin EU

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