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Donald Trump Birthday Cards

Make their birthday great again – we hear it’s gonna be yuge! Go political and make or break a loved one’s celebration with a Donald Trump inspired birthday card.

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Rude Cards?
We always thought Donald and Melania Trump's marriage looked familiar! Send this hilarious Quite Good card to someone who loves a good laugh.

Jabba The Trump

Kim Jong-Un surfing a giant, golden wave of Donald Trump's hair in his underpants, as requested by Robin Hayles. Explosive Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.


Send this Quite Good card with the kind gesture of a donation to a re-election campaign. It's what you wanted... Isn't it?

Trump Re-Election

Beaches may be out of bounds during lockdown but what's to stop you having a birthday Quarantini? Trump's have a secret ingredient - it's what keeps him orange! Designed by Scribbler.

Sex On The Bleach

Mr Trump always has something to say about everything and everyone including you. Send this Dean Morris card and let them know they're doing something right.

Donald Trump Hates You

Add A Name
Just do the opposite of what Donald Trump would do and your birthday will be great! A personalised card designed by Tache

Birthday Great Again

We've never seen a more accurate card! The guys a Quite Good have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Putin And Lil Trump

How does he plan to serve all that food with those tiny hands? Send this hilarious Brainbox Candy card to someone who can't get enough of him.

Trumps Cafe

Two words: Hog Body. Trump, Pence and William Pryor on Drag Race with Obama as RuPaul telling them to sashay away, as requested by Adam Godding. Jim'll Paint It design by Lesser Spotted Images.

Trump Drag Race

Donald Trump's views seem to be a bit hypocritical. This Scribbler card quote is a bit pot, kettle, black, wouldn't you agree?!

The Worse Thing A Man Can Do

If the world ended tomorrow have you made the most out of your life? Probably not so get to it. A card designed by brainbox Candy.

Enjoy Yourself

We really don't want him! Nor his covfefe or smocking gun! Send this rather rude Scribbler card and prepare for them to be offended.

Visit From Trump Baby

Another empty promise from a very empty-headed man' A birthday card designed by Pedges Houseboat.

Great Birthday

Another classic celebrity pun from Quite Good Cards; it could have been worse Trump also rhymes with dump...

Donald Lump

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