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Isolation Birthday Cards

Buy the perfect card for any occasion or individual here at Scribbler - send a funny, cheesy or downright rude card and make their day. Find exactly what you need with the filters above or search by designer for even more inspiration. If you order before 2pm, we'll dispatch on the same day too. Sorted!

What better way to celebrate your birthday in isolation than washing your hands another bazillion times - just to be safe! After Coronavirus this song will be forever tarnished. Designed by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday To You

Look on the brightside: you may be completely alone on your birthday but at least you don't have to share your cake with anyone! Isolation birthday design by Stormy Knight.

More Cake For You

Its their birthday but unfortunately theyre not allowed to leave the house! Get them a Corona when we can finally leave the house. A card designed by Filthy Sentiments.

Birthday Beer

Keep your pal entertained for about 3 minutes in isolation by sending them this fab dot to Dot Cotton design by Quite Good Cards.

Dot To Dot Cotton

Category is: Self-Isolation Eleganza! Remind all your quarantine queens to say at home and watch the new season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Designed by Scribbler.

Shantay You Stay At Home

Appropriate Social Distance. Hello from the other siiiiddddde! Wish them a happy Coronavirus filled birthday from at least 2 metres away, with this Scribbler isolation inspired design. This blue isolation card says Wishing You Happy Birthday.

Appropriate Social Distance

It's all that bitch Carol Baskin's fault that your stuck in isolation on your birthday. Binge watch Tiger King and enjoy an exotic day with this design by Scribbler.

I Know Two Things

Send birthday wishes, or something or other from Boris! You can go out, just don't go OUT out, and see your friends but not your family, sorry. Designed by Pearl Ivy.

Don't Go Out

Oh no silly, the lockdown rules apply to everyone EXCEPT Tory MPs and Ministers! What do you expect them to do, not go to their second home?! Send the perfect disguise with this Scribbler mask/card.

Let's Break Some Rules

Let The Good Times Roll. But don't go too crazy, only one square at a time ok? Don't you know there's a pandemic going on?! Send love and loo roll with this isolation birthday card by Scribbler. This yellow isolation card says Happy Birthday and has a drawing of toilet roll.

Let The Good Times Roll

If they'd have locked the FRIENDS in Central Perk for a few weeks, I think they would've all got together in a lot quicker than 10 seasons, just saying. Isolation birthday design by Scribbler.

One Where You Stayed At Home

Tell Coronavirus to sashay away and don't let it get in the way of having an Isolation Birthday Extravaganza! RuPaul's Drag Race inspired design by Scribbler.

Birthday Quaren-Queen

Don't Extend The Time. If Britney survived her meltdown in 2007, then you can totally survive social isolation for a few more weeks! Just like her, you'll be shaving your head before it's over. Designed by Scribbler. This pink isolation card says My Loneliness and has a drawing of Britney Spears.

Don't Extend The Time

If you're going to blame anyone, blame that bitch Carole Baskin. Don!t beat around the bush with this Tiger King inspired Birthday card.

Quarantine Birthday

Connect and say happy birthday from isolation with the cheapest, most hygienic round you'll have to buy for a while.

This Will Have To Do

Have you ever felt like poor ol' Corona here? Guilty by association! Send this brilliant Scribbler card to someone who might be feeling like this right now.

Hi Guys

Some people should really just save themselves the bother! Send this cheeky Scribbler design to someone who is Dirty with a capital D.

Sanitiser Filthy Bitch

Keep your pal entertained for about 30 seconds in isolation by sending them this fab dot to dot design by Quite Good Cards.

Cock To Cock

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