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Slogan Birthday Cards

Forget pictures and get straight to the point with one of our slogan birthday cards. Perfect for song lyrics, quotes or a simple “Happy Birthday” will do the trick. Send a design with valuable words of wisdom to your son, daughter or friend. You can also browse our selection of family friendly cards or check out our celebrity inspired designs for famous words.  

They're doing great so far try and motivate them to go another 40 years with this birthday card designed by Do Something David.

40 Great Work

And that's what it's all about! Can you see what we did there? Bloody genius. Send this Scribbler card to someone with a quirky sense of humour who'll find this side-splittingly funny.

Addicted To The Hokey Cokey

Inside every 40 year old is a 20 year old wondering what happened. Help a friend to embrace their latest milestone with this birthday design by Poet & Painter.

40 Rocks

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip but it's better to be thoroughly sure' - Czech proverb. Send this Lucilla Lavender card to any beer fan, and make their day.

Fine Beer

Eat up is a phrase not exclusively used by your Mum. This Scribbler card won't make you choke up.

Eating A Legend

Bar Crawl Exercise. Birthday Card by Brainbox Candy. Does your friend consider walking between pubs and lifting a pint glass as healthy exercise? This may be the perfect card!

Bar Crawl Exercise

The Poet & Painter card to celebrate a big kid who's 30 going on 13 this year and still partying like it's the 90s!

30 Rocks

Front Bottom. Birthday Card by Brainbox Candy. Send this funny card to a friend to celebrate the day that they came out of their mum's front bottom!

Front Bottom

I'll tell you what's as easy as getting fat: the person reading this card. Send this Scribbler design to someone both fat and easy - a winning combination.

Easy Getting Fat

40 is seen as a serious milestone, despite 50 being the new 30. This U-Studio card dumps cliches and cheers up the 40-year-old.

Turning 40

Manchester, born and raised? Send em this term of effection and give em something to smile about! Designed by Scribbler


The perfect birthday card for someone who thinks that everything is "well mint". Designed by Scribbler.

Have A Mint Birthday

Only another 44 until youre two fat ladies down at the bingo! Better get used to hearing that! A birthday card designed by Do Something David.

44 Both The 4's

Hey, that's the spirit! Remind someone to always look on the bright side: you could be hit by a bus tomorrow and you'd be laughing. Designed by Scribbler.

Live Comfortably

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