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Photography Birthday Cards

Remind you of anyone? Keep it real on their birthday by sending one of our photography style cards. Browse humourous and down-right dirty designs for your husband or wife to relate to on a deep level. For more real people, why not check out the famous faces in our selection of celebrity inspired cards? For something more surreal, browse our illustration & cartoon birthday designs.

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Rude Cards?
In case it was in any doubt, inform them that they are officially a cunt and sadly there's no cure! Isolation inspired design by Cunning Linguist.

Recent Test

Absolute agony. Almost as painful as childbirth, but not quite! Send this Whale and Bird card for any occasion.

Clipped A Bollock

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The perfect Jeffrey & Janice card to personalise and send to your favourite gal on her birthday. Hopefully it'll get a wine-induced giggle!

Fantastic Bitch

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Upload a photo to this Scribbler card, perfect for any occasion!

Full Photo Upload

It's the only real way to relieve pressure and promote mindfulness! Help someone become more Zen with this hilarious Jeffrey & Janice card.

How To Feel More Zen

Loo roll? Check. Flour? Check. Copious amounts of booze? Fucking Check. This Whale and Bird card is for the panic buyers out there, and the boozers!

Panic Buy

Who'd win out of a rabbit and a mole though? Jury's out. Chill out Gary. Hilarious Whale and Bird card for someone who's bad tempered perhaps?

Just Leave It Gary

We're betting the porn views sky rocketed during lockdown and furlough times! Relatable Whale and Bird card for your horny pal who loves a bit of Me Time.

Keep Busy

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For a Dad so old he's got his arse permanently glued to his armchair. Personalised this Jeffrey & Janice birthday card to make his day!

Magnificent Old Bastard

Words to live by. Teach 'em the most important lessons early in life. Brilliant Whale and Bird card for any occasion.

Never Trust A Fart

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The girl on the card has even made her mate a cake but that seems a bit unrealistic. Don't worry about that, she knows she's your best bitch. Personalised design by Jeffrey & Janice.

Bestest Birthday Bitch

Swallow. General Greeting Card by KissMeKwik. When dating etiquette and bird watching collide, the results are this hilariously crude card.


Well you shouldn't be bloody looking should you Brian! Perv. Designed by Whale & Bird.

Christ Alive Janet

Send this Dean Morris card to a friend of yours who wants to dance the night away on their birthday.


Look at his cute little face! So sweet you could almost eat him. This Jolly Awesome card is perfect to send to someone on their special day.

Cake Hat

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Send this personalised birthday card to a miserable old b*stard and see if he'll crack a smile. Maybe after the 7th drink? Designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

Grumpy Fuckers Deserve A Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: Occasionally when I find an image the punchline will sometimes present itself almost immediately. This best-selling card was definitely one of them and it's subsequently appeared on coasters, magnets, mugs, gift wrap and more. I think this cat speaks for all cats

This Cat

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