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Cartoon Birthday Cards

Remind them of their youth with one of our quirky cartoon birthday cards, perfect for kids and adults of all ages to snigger over. Our selection of comical doodles will really bring the puns and appeal to anyone with a childish sense of humour, be it a design for your mum or son – because who wants to grow up? For more light-hearted humour, check out our food & drink inspired designs, as well as illustration birthday cards.

P-p-pick up a Kevin doesn't quite have the same ring to it but you can still send your Birthday wishes with this comedy card from Lucilla Lavender.

Kevin The Biscuit?

This Scribbler card is perfect for someone who's as chill as the cat on this card!

Don't Stress Meowt

Ever spent 15 minutes looking for something that was right in front of your face. This Lucilla Lavender card illustrates your frustrations perfectly!

I Can't See The Jam

SisTAR, by Jelly Armchair. Is your sister bright, shining and literally a flaming ball of gas? Well this is the card for you!


Give this card to that one balloon who's always letting out naughty little puffs of air! Wish a friend a happy birthday with this gassy design by Whale & Bird.


Add A Photo
Know someone you'd appreciate this adorable photo-upload card by Fuzzballs? Then what are you waiting for, send it to them today!

Fuzzballs Frame

You'd feta have the cheesiest birthday imaginable with the help of this seriously punny card by Scribbler.

Cheesiest Birthday Card

This is bloody disgusting and you definitely know someone who'll appreciate this brand of humour. We'll take the lentil thanks. Designed by Scribbler.

Fifty Pound Lentil

Anyone who owns a cat, knows exactly how they feel about their owners birthday! Send this Scribbler card to a cat owner and make them giggle!

Oh It's Your Birthday?

What better way to celebrate your birthday in isolation than washing your hands another bazillion times - just to be safe! After Coronavirus this song will be forever tarnished. Designed by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday To You

These ghosties definitely won't give you a fright on Halloween! Send this paranormal Jelly Armchair card before these boo bees come to haunt you!

Boo Bees

This Redback card shows how your children can be lovely and annoying all at the same time!

Koala Bear

Sparkles had to spend so much money on her tassels! Send this Objectables card for any occasion.


This is either really funny or really f*cking depressing. Give a serial plastic user a wake up call with this Scribbler design.

Who's The New Guy

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