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Birthday Cards for Uncle

We’ve all got a favourite relative and it looks like he’s won hands down! Raise a toast to your cool uncle on his birthday and send a design as unique and hilarious as he is. If he has a superior taste in shows and movies then surprise him with a punny TV & film inspired card that’s right up his alley! Hard to believe but some might even be older than him! Don’t forget anyone’s special day; make sure to browse birthday cards for your fiance!

Born In The 70s looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 70s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 70s

Born In The 60s looking back at the nostalgic themes of the 60s by Rumble Cards

Born In The 60s

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Always play the long game! A Scribbler birthday card to personalise and send to an older relative in order to stay in their good books and secure that inheritence.

Why I Am Sending This Card

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Years of extensive research have shown that the older he gets, the more of a grumpy old man he becomes. Try and momentarily cure his bad mood by personalising this Scribbler birthday card.

Grumpy Old Man Chart

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They really do take the cake! Put the cherry on top of a loved one's birthday by sending a slice of love and laughter with this personalised Scribbler card.

Can't Have Been Easy

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They may not even remember what they did last week! Personalise this Scribbler birthday design and send to someone older and more forgetful than you.

When You Were Young

Is your uncle beyond fab? Then this card by Whale & Bird is a good call. Perfect for birthdays, thank yous or just because.

Fabulous Uncle

All right, Dave? Send this lovely jubbly Fools And Horses inspired card to your plonker of an Uncle on his birthday. Designed by Scribbler.

Uncle You Plonker

We're all weird here, he fits right in! Send birthday wishes to your Uncle Fester with this Addam's Family inspired card by Scribbler.

My Weird Uncle

Let Mane from Liverpool FC wish your Uncle happy returns on his birthday with this football inspired Scribbler card.

Mane Happy Returns Uncle

If your Uncle's a die-hard Liverpool fan, send him the cherry on top of a great season and the man who made it all happen with this football inspired Scribbler card.

Klopp Uncle

The perfect birthday card to send an Uncle who appreciates his jokes smothered in cheese! Make him smile with this fun design by Scribbler.

Nacho Average Uncle

Take the piss out of your Uncle and warn him of the joys of aging with this rude birthday card by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday Uncle

Make your Uncle feel special on his birthday by reminding him of how honoured he is! Designed by Scribbler.

Uncle Only Gift You Need

If you're planning on sucking up to your Uncle, this seems like a good way to go. Is it a compliment, or isn't it? He'll be the judge! Designed by Scribbler.

Uncle Weird And Stupid

Now this, this is funny! Set the example and dish out some brutal banter to your Uncle with this Scribbler card.

An Uncoole

Show your Uncle how much you appreciate him on his birthday with this funny Scribbler card.

As Uncles Go You're Okay

Jokingly remind your Uncle how much you appreciate his normalcy with this funny Scribbler birthday card.

I Mean Happy Birthday Uncle

Finally an honest birthday card that tells it like it is. Wish your adequate Uncle an above average day with this Scribbler design.

The Best Uncle

If you've had fun times with your Uncle while he's been off his rocker this is the Scribbler card for him!

Fun Pisshead Uncle

He's not just a regular Uncle, he's a cool Uncle who'll be touched to receive this complimentary Scribbler card.

A Funcle

Remind your Uncle what a fun drunk he is with this cheeky birthday card by Scribbler.

Favourite Drunkle

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