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50th Birthday Cards

Finally some kind of achievement! Truly go all out and make it a year to remember by sending a special milestone design to your favourite 50-year-old on their 50th birthday. Celebrate the day in Scribbler style with a seriously funny & unique card for adults, whether you’re looking for her or for him!

Do you know someone turning 50 and panicking? Then this is the perfect card from Jeffrey and Janice.

Happy Birthday 50

Send this 50th birthday card by Filthy Sentiments and let them know how crazy it is that they're the big five-oh!

Holy Shit You're 50

Menopause is a b*tch: true story. At least you can all laugh about it with this Scribbler 50th birthday design.

Fifty You're Still Hot

We're sorry to inform you that your 40s have expired. You are now officially ancient and one step closer to getting your free bus pass. Birthday design by Lucy Maggie.

Forties Have Now Expired

They are 50 and they are still a twat? Will they ever change? A birthday card designed by Cunning Linguist.

Fifty Still A Twat

She may be an aging queen but the girl's still got it! Flatter a friend on their 50th with this Lowe and Behold design because Shirley they're not that old?!

Shirley Knott

Midlife crisis is imbued so make sure you prepare for it. A birthday card designed by Jeffrey & Janice.

50 Years An Arsehole

Add A Name
Christ, talk about having one foot in the grave already! Congratulate someone on reaching this half a century milestone to really brighten their day. Designed by Do Something David.

50 Today

This birthday card by Claire Giles is all you need to make his 50th birthday extra special.

50th Blue Heart

Mother of God, they're 50 years young! Be sure to let them know it with this brilliant 50th birthday card by Filthy Sentiments.

Holy Fuck You're 50

Selective memory tends to happen as you get older, just try and remember the important things! A birthday card designed by JellynBean.

You're 50

49 Yesterday. 50th Birthday Card by Brainbox Candy.Wish someone a happy fiftieth birthday with this funny card reminding them that it seems like only yesterday they were 49.

49 Yesterday

They're 50 but you know diddly squat about them. Perfect Two Little Monkeys card.


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