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Say no to bog-standard and boring, spit in the face of traditional and get ready to usher in a new era of greeting cards. Scribbler is proud to be home to the rudest and funniest cards around and you can find our entire collection right here, so you don’t miss a thing!

This selection includes our BirthdayAnniversary and Thinking of You cards, as well as seasonal must-haves like Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day cards. Browse hundreds of unique designs for every possible occasion and find that perfect card to surprise and delight the one you love.

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Rude Cards?
Home is where the heart is, so welcome friends and relations to their new house with this friendly Roisin Cafferty card.

Happy Home

What's inside the present on this Roisin Cafferty birthday card? Simple birthday wishes for a lovely day.

Birthday Present

There's no better way to celebrate Mother's Day with your Mum than by opening a bottle of wine; or maybe champagne! Send this Roisin Cafferty card too.

Wine Glass

Send someone a big ray of sunshine with this Roisin Cafferty thank you card for friends and family.

Sunshine Thank You

Congratulations You Passed! Now you can terrorise the neighbourhood in your little car. Roisin Cafferty card hits the spot.

You Passed

Score by sending this Roisin Cafferty football greeting card to anyone you know who is a footie fan - they'll be over the moon.

Footie Mad

Send this Father's Day card to your golf-loving Dad and he'll know you don't mind when he spends all day on the course. Your Mum has also resigned herself.

Dad Golf

Express how you feel with this heart-felt yet simple Valentine's day card by Roisin Cafferty.

Desert Island

Who can resist a cupcake? Certainly not your Mum! She won't be able resist this Roisin Cafferty Mother's Day card either...


For the dad who loves burning food on the barbecue; send them this very appropriate Father's Day card by Roisin Cafferty.

Bbq Father's Day Card

Send this Roisin Cafferty Father's Day card to your golf-loving dad, and he'll know you don't mind when he spends all day on the course. What your mother thinks is entirely different.

Golf Clubs

Send this elegant typography based Christmas card from Roisin Cafferty to your wife, and show her she's special by adding her name.

Lovely Wife

There's only one candle on this birthday cake, but this Roisin Cafferty card isn't just for one year olds..!

Birthday Candle Cake

Your dad deserves a cuppa on Father's Day, but if you're not there to make one for him, send him this Roisin Cafferty card instead.

Happy Father's Day Mug

if you're planning to send your Mum flowers for Mother's Day, why not send this Roisin Cafferty card instead? On second thoughts, send both!

Watering Can

Tell someone they're number one with this great illustrated card by Roisin Cafferty, even if you secretly think they're a number two.


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