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Say no to bog-standard and boring, spit in the face of traditional and get ready to usher in a new era of greeting cards. Scribbler is proud to be home to the rudest and funniest cards around and you can find our entire collection right here, so you don’t miss a thing!

This selection includes our BirthdayAnniversary and Thinking of You cards, as well as seasonal must-haves like Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day cards. Browse hundreds of unique designs for every possible occasion and find that perfect card to surprise and delight the one you love.

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Rude Cards?
Remember when you wasn't allowed to swear? That shit was hella boring. A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Poo Bum Willy

But with rain let's be honest that's just your luck. A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Birthday Forecast

It's always 5pm somewhere am I right? A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Wine Amateur

Use this card to tactfully suggest that maybe... just maybe, he's past the motorbike stage of his midlife crisis with this Brainbox Candy card.

Dad's Life

Make them laugh with this comical Coronavirus themed birthday card by Brainbox Candy.

Going Anywhere Nice

Send ol' needle dick this hilarious Brainbox Candy card and make them chuckle on their birthday.

Tiny Penis

When you learn to stop giving a fuck that is when you will finally be happy. A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Wise Woman

Return to your four year old self with this immature card from Brainbox Candy. Even if they don't actually have a face made of poo you can still send them this toilet-humour themed card.

Poo Face

Send this Brainbox Candy card and define the word hobby: An activity done regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. Unfortunately as much as you love them, cock and drinking don't count!

Real Hobby

Really Missing You. General Greeting Card by Brainbox Candy. Sometimes you just need to tell someone that you really miss them! Buy this cute card for any occasion to send the message loud and clear.

Really Missing You

Sugar Tits. Valentine's Day Card by Brainbox Candy. Keep your valentine message short and sweet with this cheeky card.

Sugar Tits

Put some good vibes into their new home with this card designed by Brainbox Candy.

New Home

40 isn't the new anything, anything that hits 40 is permanently classed as old. A birthday card designed by Brainbox Candy.

40 Is The New Erm

Let's be real they absolutely will be you guys suck. A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

As Awesome As Us

Getting up to pee is one of the worst things ever and they do it 9 times a night. A card designed by Brainbox Candy.

All Nighter

Do you have a mum who can see the funny side of a poem? If so, this Brainbox Candy card is the one for you.

A Mother's Day Poem

Well when you really think about it? Brainbox Candy hit the nail on the head with this card.

On Second Thoughts

Sounds like a really weird spell. A good luck card designed by Brainbox Candy.

Goodus Luckus

Favourite Sister Poo. Birthday Card For Sisters by Brainbox Candy. Share a bit too much information along with your birthday wishes by sending this card to your sister.

Favourite Sister Poo

Well, it's more original than my dog ate it... If your Dad's a fan of Tiger King this is the Father's Day card for him! Designed by Brainbox Candy.

Fed It To Her Tigers

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