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C Word Cards

Not everyone appreciates the C Word but for those who do, we've put all the brilliantly rude and insulting 'Cunt' cards in one place for you.
Rude Content?
Is your friend or your grandmother moving house? Wish them the best of luck with this card.

Hope Your New Neighbours Aren't Cunts

Send them your best wishes with this Retro Birthday card by Dean Morris Cards.

People Say I'm Rude Card

He's reading his list, he's checking it twice? And yep, you're definitely still a cunt! Gently break the unsurprising news with this seriously rude Christmas card by Scribbler.

Santa's List Again This Year

Let them know the reason you messed up is that you're a cunt with this sorry card designed by Cunning Linguist.

Sorry I'm Such A Cunt

It's possible to be both! If you lovingly call them a cunt then this Dean Morris card is perfect for you to let them know how you feel on their birthday.

Best Friend

Some days you just can't decide between arsebadger and shitnubbin. This delightfully rude birthday card makes sure you'll always have a perfect swear word at hand.

Favourite Swear Word Card

Know a huge fan of Trainspotting? Then this Begbie inspired birthday card by Pedges Houseboat would be perfect for them!

Ye Doss C

Cunt of the year is quite an achievement they should be happy perfect for birthdays designed by Boogaloo Stu.

C Of The Year

Take a tip from Ricky Gervais in After Life and spread the joy! The perfect Pedges Houseboat birthday card to send a ginger twat.

You Tubby Ginger Card

A good friend knows he's a piece of shit but holds it in until she FINALLY sees it for herself! Be ready for a wine and whine when it all ends in tears. Designed by King B.

Sorry About The Divorce

If you're positively elated to be passing on the baton, then don't pull any punches. Send this extremely rude Scribbler card to say goodbye to the bane of your existence.

Good Luck To Them

You really are a terrible person but at least you can admit it! Whoever you've wronged will definitely appreciate this sorry card by Scribbler.


And the winner for the rudest card goes to Shit Cunt. This Brainbox Candy card is not for the easily offended.

Shit Cunt

Your colleague's been "unwell" and guess who's been picking up the slack in the meantime? Muggins over here! Celebrate their return to health with this rude King B design.

Get Back To Work

In case it was in any doubt, inform them that they are officially a cunt and sadly there's no cure! Isolation inspired design by Cunning Linguist.

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