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C Word Cards

The further you get into life the bigger cunt you become because you lose fucks to give. A birthday card designed by Sweary Card Company.

Forty And Still A...

Let's face it, just because they're another year older doesn't mean they've grown out of being a cunt, so let them know with this hilariously naughty birthday card by Filthy Sentiments.

Another Year Older

Let them know the reason you messed up is that you're a cunt with this sorry card designed by Cunning Linguist.

Sorry I'm Such A Cunt

Add A Photo
A photo says a thousand words so you don't have to waste your time writing a nice birthday message for that old cunt! Rude photo upload design by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday You Old Cunt

Nothing says I love you like a box of chocolates, some roses and the C word, am I right? Keep it simple and classy this Valentine's Day with this Dean Morris design.

You Big C

Whether you believe it or not, you can't argue with these guys! Send this card to a comedy fan on their birthday to let them know they're the winner of this poll by Dean Morris.

8 Out Of 10 Cats

And the winner for the rudest card goes to Shit Cunt. This Brainbox Candy card is not for the easily offended.

Shit Cunt

Send back-handed birthday wishes to an inked guy or gal with this rude design by Foggish.

Bday Cunt

Know a huge fan of Trainspotting? Then this Begbie inspired birthday card by Pedges Houseboat would be perfect for them!

Ye Doss C

It's possible to be both! If you lovingly call them a cunt then this Dean Morris card is perfect for you to let them know how you feel on their birthday.

Best Friend

A good friend knows he's a piece of shit but holds it in until she FINALLY sees it for herself! Be ready for a wine and whine when it all ends in tears. Designed by King B.

Sorry About The Divorce

You really are a terrible person but at least you can admit it! Whoever you've wronged will definitely appreciate this sorry card by Scribbler.


We all know a cunt in our lives and unfortunately, they have birthdays too. A card designed by Boogaloo Stu.

Happy Birthday

You've managed to stay a cunt 30 years into your life! That's quite an achievement! A birthday card designed by Sweary Card Company.

Thirty And Still A...

Ever heard of something called karma? It's a bitch. Get well design by Scribbler.

Probably Deserve To Be Ill

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: I held off publishing the C word for a lot of years for various reasons then I finally decided to just go for it. It seems the public wanted it as they've been lapping it up since.

To A Special

He's reading his list, he's checking it twice? And yep, you're definitely still a cunt! Gently break the unsurprising news with this seriously rude Christmas card by Scribbler.

Santa's List Again This Year

Best thing about calling someone a cunt is that it doesn't matter what gender they are, it stands for everyone. A card designed by Sweary Card Company.

She Was A...

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