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C Word Cards

Is your friend or your grandmother moving house? Wish them the best of luck with this card.

Hope Your New Neighbours Aren't Cunts

Wonderwomans pornstar name is pretty interesting' A birthday card designed by Sweary Card Company.

Happy Birthday You Wonder

The further you get into life the bigger cunt you become because you lose fucks to give. A birthday card designed by Sweary Card Company.

Forty And Still A...

Let them know the reason you messed up is that you're a cunt with this sorry card designed by Cunning Linguist.

Sorry I'm Such A Cunt

Send back-handed birthday wishes to an inked guy or gal with this rude design by Foggish.

Bday Cunt

In case it was in any doubt, inform them that they are officially a cunt and sadly there's no cure! Isolation inspired design by Cunning Linguist.

Recent Test

Be careful who you send this one to. This card by Brainbox Candy is perfect for anyone with a very rude sense of humour.

Cunty Bollocks

Add A Photo
A photo says a thousand words so you don't have to waste your time writing a nice birthday message for that old cunt! Rude photo upload design by Scribbler.

Happy Birthday You Old Cunt

Only gift someone this card if you're *absolutely* sure they aren?t getting you a Christmas present this year. A risky festive design by Sweary Card Company.

Merry Christmas C Word

A lovingly rude message for that one friend / lover

Birthday Cunt

Whether you believe it or not, you can't argue with these guys! Send this card to a comedy fan on their birthday to let them know they're the winner of this poll by Dean Morris.

8 Out Of 10 Cats

The two cunts in your life have decided to get married, let them know youre happy for them with this Sweary Card Company card.

You Pair Of

Send foul-mouthed Billy Butcher to insult an old bastard on their birthday with this The Boys inspired design by Scribbler.

Well Well Well

And the winner for the rudest card goes to Shit Cunt. This Brainbox Candy card is not for the easily offended.

Shit Cunt

You really are a terrible person but at least you can admit it! Whoever you've wronged will definitely appreciate this sorry card by Scribbler.


Best thing about calling someone a cunt is that it doesn't matter what gender they are, it stands for everyone. A card designed by Sweary Card Company.

She Was A...

A good friend knows he's a piece of shit but holds it in until she FINALLY sees it for herself! Be ready for a wine and whine when it all ends in tears. Designed by King B.

Sorry About The Divorce

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