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See the Results From Our Father’s Day Edition of Would You Rather!

Published date: 07/06/2019 15:20

Would You Rather - Results.jpg

More Than Three-Quarters of Brits Say Global Warming is a Safer Topic than Brexit With Dad!

Now we know what no one’s discussing at Father’s Day lunch!

To celebrate the old man and his endearing ways this Father’s Day, we asked our Scribbler Facebook, Instagram and Twitter followers to play a toe-curling game of “Would You Rather?”

We discovered a lot by asking you to pick one horrible Dad scenario over another, and the results are epic!  

First, here’s a quick ranking of our top worst dad situations:   

  • 23% of you aren’t keen on helping Dad understand tech 
  • 22% would prefer if Dad kept his opinions to himself in public  
  • 19% feel passionate about avoiding dating advice from Dad
  • 18% think Dad on social media’s a laugh 
  • 18% are resigned to Dad’s unwarranted confidence about his appearance 

Dads and Appearance

Only 14% of Brits Don’t Mind if Dad Fancies Himself as a Looker. 

We asked if you’d rather face Dad constantly showing off his “dad bod” or flaunting his sex appeal. Unsurprisingly, almost all of you are totally unwilling to admit Dad has any game.

Just 14% are okay with Dad practising his smoulder. At 86%, the rest would rather put up with the old man showing off his dad bod at every opportunity than see him trying to look hot. He probably reckons since no one is asking, he may as well flaunt it anyways! 

The good news is that two-thirds of women find men with dad bods fit, and 62% of men feel it improves their life.

Dads and Tech

Britain Unanimous: Helping Dad With Any Kind of Tech is The Worst.   

Dad constantly forgets his password and expects you to know what it is because you ‘work with computers’.  

We all know how tech-resistant the old geezer can be at times. It’s partly the reason why the internet is full of articles urging Millennials to be more patient with those who don’t inherently understand tech. Let’s not forget the huge tech gap! Fewer than half of UK adults are classed as ‘digitally savvy’, with 64% of Millennials considered knowledgeable around tech compared to just 23% of Boomers.

With that in mind, we asked if you’d rather help Dad set up his new laptop or recover his password. Although the results suggest mass internal conflict at 52% vs 48%, helping him set up a new laptop seems to be the lesser of two evils! 

Something to remember next time Dad loses his password… and there will be a next time: more than 20 million passwords in the UK are literally 123456. Some of the most common are ‘password’, ‘qwerty’, ‘monkey’ and ‘dragon’, so if Dad has any of these, first tell everyone you know for a laugh, then help the man out and change it!

Dads and Opinions

More Than Three-Quarters of Brits Say Global Warming is a Safer Topic Than Brexit! 

We asked whether you’d rather have Dad publicly share his opinions on Brexit or global warming, and the majority chose the latter at 72%. No surprise there!  

YouGov did a bang up job of ruining families all over Britain by revealing how different ages voted in the referendum. Quick reminder: 71% of 18-24-year-olds voted remain while over half (64%) in the 65+ group voted leave.

Shortly after the results came out, lines like ‘Family Rifts Over Brexit!’‘I can Barely Look at My Parents!’ and ‘I’m never giving up my seat on the train for an old person again!’ showed up all over the media. 

You don’t need to always agree with Dad to show him some love. Father’s Day is a good time to let him know you think he’s tops.

Dads and Love

100% of Us Are Uncomfortable! 

Two impossible options and it shows! We asked whether you’d rather let Dad pick your Tinder date or talk pre-mum hook-ups.

Death wasn’t really an option, so 58% of you went for the Tinder date. For the 42% who chose pre-mum hook-ups, WTF is wrong with you?!

Dads and Social Media

Either Way, It’s a Laugh…

Would you rather have Dad add all your friends on Facebook, or become an influencer? Probably neither, but this was “Would You Rather” so you had to choose!

Most are equally as conflicted on this one, with 51% opting for Dad to connect with their Facebook friends against 49% who are prepared to see him share his personality with the world and become a star influencer.   

For those who chose to let their dads loose on Facebook, it’s worth noting that over 65s are proven to be the most likely to share fake news, and that over 40% of social media users admit to sharing false news.

Whether you and Dad disagree on things or not, show him some love (or throw some shade) with the perfect Father's Day card from our collection!


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