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What To Write In A Leaving Card?

Published date: 28/04/2016 10:57


We’ve all know that funny feeling we get, when a work colleague we’ve only said hello to once or twice, announces they are leaving.

Its then time to pass around the leaving card and write something…. But what?! You hardly know them and the thought of writing even a few sentences builds you with fear. So you’ll stick with something safe like the classic “good bye” and “good luck” but that is a little boring…

 At scribbler, we all like to think out of the box and find fun ways to say good bye in style, even if you have to pretend to actually know the person. Cheeky.

Here are a few funny “What to write in a leaving card” notes we came across.

1.) Please don’t leave me alone with these people

2.) Bon ‘ voyage …. I look forward to stalking your adventures on Facebook.

3.) Please help me as they won’t let me leave this bloody building, I’m being forced to sign fucking leaving cards.

4.) If only I gave a shit!

5.) Sorry you’re leaving. Can I have the rest of your cereal in the cupboard?

6.) Take me with you.

7.) Thanks for being the type of manager who is determined to leave even earlier than I am.

8.) Piss off to your new job and don’t come back.

9. Nice knowing ya

10) OK, we’ll be a little more nice…… Best of luck in your new role. You’ll be missed. P.s. who’ll make my morning cuppa for me?


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