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What to Buy Your Boss for Christmas

Published date: 25/11/2021 13:58

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Buy your boss stuff for Christmas? What? Is this your not-so-subtle strategy to get in their good books, get yourself some brownie points, and put yourself in line for a glamorous promotion? Maybe it is. But it could also be because you are just a nice, thoughtful person.

Look, buying gifts for your boss isn’t easy. We understand that - there’s a ton of stuff to think about. And you don’t want to get it wrong, set an awkward tone, or upset them - firstly, because it’s Christmas, and secondly, because they’re your boss. A grumpy boss at Christmas sounds like everyone’s favourite headache. 

When buying gifts for your boss, it’s important that you first ask yourself a few questions about their personality. What’s their sense of humour like? Are they likely to prefer a safe-for work-animal pun, or do they prefer their jokes dark? Does their mind tend to live in the gutter, or do you think it would be best to play it safe and stick to chocolate and wine?

We think people’s relationships with you, whether parent, best friend, lover, or boss, can always have a humorous edge. Finding the right kind of humour to cultivate a relationship can sometimes be the hard part, especially when bosses are involved. 

Fortunately, humour translates pretty well through gifts. Our great range of gifts means you’re likely to find something suitable for everyone, including your boss - no matter whether they’re a filthy animal, or even if they’re of a more traditional mindset. 

So, here are our favourite gifts we think will put a smile on your boss’s face - but choose carefully - you don’t want a Grinch for your boss over Christmas…

Something Useful

Everyone loves a gift they will actually use. Couple utility with a big dollop of Scribbler’s humour and you’ll hopefully have your boss chuckling as they get stuff done. You could, for example, get them a couple of Scribbler’s handy notebooks, that all come with tongue-in-cheek designs, like our favourites, the Professional Work Environment, Don’t Be A Cunt, and Have a Good Day notebooks.

Besides notebooks, there’s plenty of other stuff on Scribbler you could buy your boss that they’ll find useful - check out our Offensive Stationery Set and our Are You Childish mug too. Christmas is the time of giving after all, so why not grab a couple of bits and pieces your boss will find useful and funny this year? 

Something They Can Drink

Ahh. Who doesn’t love a drink over Christmas. There’s no better way to spend the festive period than absolutely shitfaced. If you know your boss is a drinker, then why not splash out (pun very much intended) on a bottle of their favourite tipple? Check out Scribbler’s range of booze right here, right now

Something Fun

Believe it or not, even your boss likes to have fun. Probably. Maybe they have a family, or maybe they even have friends. It’s your duty as a thoughtful employee to find out. Once you’ve established that your boss is a human who likes having fun with their family and friends after all, gift-giving at Christmas becomes that much easier. Scribbler’s range of great games makes getting something fun for your boss easy. Check out our Cards Against Humanity: Family Edition, What Do You Meme, and that old classic Uno. Sorted. 

Don't Forget to Get Them a Card

It’s conventional to give out Christmas cards, so you should do it to be polite. At Scribbler, we’ve got all sorts. Enough for you to find one perfect for your boss, whoever they are, whether they’re rude or prude. You can browse our Christmas Cards here.



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