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Thanks For Supporting Scribbler x CoppaFeel!

Published date: 19/05/2022 12:58

CoppaFeel! Blog.png

If you read our emails, visit our stores, follow our social accounts, or you know, have eyes, you may have noticed that over the last few years, we’ve been proudly partnered with the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel!. Although much of what we do is humorously tongue-in-cheek, our work with CoppaFeel! allows us to deliver an important message but in a lighthearted way that is definitely no joke.

We’re super keen to support and shout about the important work CoppaFeel! are doing, which is why over the past few months, we’ve been donating 12.5% of every sale on selected seasonal products to the charity. And thanks to you, we're thrilled to announce that since Autumn 2021, we’ve managed to raise a whopping... £28,586.02 for the charity! Wowzah!

Now we have to get a bit soppy and give credit where credit's due. Without all you wonderful Scribbler customers who buy either online or in store, raising a total like this for CoppaFeel! just wouldn’t be possible, so this is the part where we say a massive THANK YOU! You'll be pleased to know we’ll be continuing our partnership with CoppaFeel! over the coming months so keep your eyes peeled for the next way that you can get behind them.

Scribbler x CoppaFeel! Valentine's Range

It’s possible that even after all this time you STILL don’t know much about CoppaFeel! and what they do beyond what we’ve told you about them (where've you been?!) so let's take a deeper dive, shall we? To start with, they have a really neat website filled with important information about breast cancer, how to check your boobs/pecs/chest and what you should do if you find anything unusual when checking.

To give a brief backstory on CoppaFeel!: it was founded in 2009 by Kris Hallenga (pictured below) and her twin sister Maren, after Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer at the young age of 23. The charity's mission ever since has been to give everyone, no matter their age, race or gender, the best possible chance of surviving breast cancer.

                      Scribbler stores supporting CoppaFeel!
Now, for the good bit! All the money you've generously helped to raise for CoppaFeel! so far has gone towards the following:
  • £5 can prompt 100 people to check their chest by sending them a cheeky, witty monthly text message reminder
  • £20 can send two GP Awareness Packs to support practices spreading the message with their patients
  • £25 can equip 200 student halls with shower hangers, reminding them to check their chests

So far in 2022, thanks to you, CoppaFeel! have been able to send out over 400,000 of their monthly Boob Check text reminders and over 470 Awareness Packs full of all the materials needed to educate a community about becoming a champion chest checker. As well as this, around 50,000 people tried out CoppaFeel!'s brand new Self-Checkout web app in the first 6 months of it launching. So as you can see, even a small donation goes a long way to making a difference!

                       CoppaFeel! Self-Checkout Promotional Image
Again, we’d just like to show our appreciation to all of you for continuing to support our partnership with CoppaFeel! with such enthusiasm. Not only does it mean the absolute world to us but in doing so, you're helping CoppaFeel! with their meaningful work that can actually save lives. So cheers you lovely lot, and stay tuned to see what we do next...


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