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Top 10 Rudest Anniversary Cards 2022

Published date: 19/08/2022 11:01

Rude Anniversary Blog Cover Final.png

Introducing our Top Picks for Rude Anniversary Cards to Spice up your Relationship!

Q: What's the best kind of foreplay?

A: A cheeky card, of course!

It may surprise you to hear this but rude cards are kinda our bag so if you're looking to say goodbye to the same old stale anniversary cards and turn up the heat on your relationship then look no further! After all, if you can't get a little dirty on your anniversary then when the hell can you? 

We've scoured through our steamiest, sauciest and most explicit anniversary cards perfect for pleasing partners and adding some much needed spice, however long you've been together for. Don't let the flames of passion die, God dammit!

However, we'll leave the naughty message down to your imagination... Some things are too rude - yes, even for us - and that's between the two of you!


Starting strong with a Scribbler classic that's a banging card and gift all rolled into one. Slightly above average s*x? Sign me up!

Love Coupons Card, Scribbler


Really, this is the highest compliment you can pay your other half and it also paints a lovely graphic image, don't you think?

Grow Old And Saggy With You Card, Flithy Sentiments


Michael Scott is the king of all things inaproppriate so this list really wouldn't be complete without a reference to The Office US. And don't forget to get tested!

Michael Scott H*rpes Anniversary Card, URGHH Card Co.


We think they'll pleased as punch to receive this one... Your anniversary is a great opportunity to give back and thank your partner for being so generous throughout the year.

Thanks For The Org*sms Card, Poppy And Mabel


We love a self-confident king! One might even say this card is a bit cocky... Make sure your spouse is ready for a night they'll never forget.

Magnificent C*ck For Your Anniversary Card, Sassy Sarah


Wa wa wee wa, very nice! You'll definitely be making a s*xy time with your hubby after giving him this Borat-worthy compliment.

Husband Your P*nis Is Nice Card, Scribbler


Make sure he knows your favourite thing about him! This cheeky card leaves nothing to imagination but who'd have thought that willies could look kinda cute? 

Willy Glad We're Together Card, Jess Moorhouse Design


Yes, we said 'rude cards' but that doesn't mean they all have to be s*xy... There's always room for a bit of toilet humour and we reckon this is the benchmark of any secure and stable marriage!

Going For A Sh*t Anniversary Card, Lucy Marie Design


Now, we don't want to be accused of being too c*ck heavy in this list so this one's for all you big breasted ladies to show off a bit and make your partner blush!

I Love You With All My B**bs Card, Banter King


Perhaps you fancy a romantic British roadtrip to celebrate your anniversary? This hilariously rude card features real UK place names (yes, even Tickle C*ck Bridge) and is perfect for a partner with an immature sense of humour.

Britain's Most Romantic Anniversary Destinations Card, Tillovision


And if this seriously naughty selection doesn't tickle their pickle then we've got many more where they came from!

Browse our full range of rude Anniversary cards online and in stores that are definitely not for the faint hearted and prove that you can still surprise your loved one even after all this time. You're welcome!


Sorry, did we say Top 10? How about one more seriously rude recommendation for the road... Because nothing says 'I love you' quite like a box of chocolates, a bouquet of roses and the C word, am I right?

You Big C*nt Card, Dean Morris Cards



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