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Meet The Designers - Sadler Jones

Published date: 22/03/2019 12:04


It’s time to meet one of our designers again. This week’s designer is Cath Jones from Sadler Jones. They’ve just launched their brand-new range with Scribbler and we’re super excited to chat with her.

Hi Cath, thank you for chatting with me today. I’ll start by diving into the questions! Your designs are so clean and fresh, where do you get the inspiration for your designs?

I try my best to find inspiration from outside the industry – I love to look at home décor, the fashion industry, branding and more traditional graphic design to come up with ideas for my new ranges.

There’s plenty of inspiration there, that’s brilliant! Do you have to do anything different to get creative?

I always retreat to my local coffee shop to kick start a range – it helps me to be outside of my normal habitat and get my ideas flowing. Radio 6 helps also!

Your range is so varied, what is your favourite style of card?

I absolutely love working on hand lettering, oooh and anything pattern based.


How do you create your designs? Is it one whole process or a step by step kind of thing?

Firstly, I do rough sketches in a notebook to plot out my ideas and then I work on each illustration on my mac using a pen tablet.

How long have you been in the card industry? Have you been designing cards for very long?

I’ve been working in the Greeting Card industry for over 12 years for various companies but always knew I wanted to set up my own company.

That’s awesome. I know there’s a lot of people out there who would love to follow in your footsteps. What paths did you take to become a card designer?

I took a job as a junior design for a large greetings company – it was there I found my love for the stationery industry; the rest is history!

Oh cool, do you have any advice for anyone wanting to design cards?

If you’re just getting started it’s definitely worth looking for some work experience so you can work out what sort of company you want to work for and also see the reality of what going behind design and production. It’s harder than it looks.


We’ve got a few quick-fire questions lined up:

What is your favourite animal/tv show/ film?

Baby Goats / Gavin & Stacey – I can still watch it on repeat! / Almost Famous

What’s your favourite creative medium?

Black markers!

Favourite type of music?

I’m a sucker for anything 80s

What’s your favourite card from your Scribbler range?

Oooh, don’t make me choose!

Thank you for taking the time out, we always love chatting to our new designers.

You can find Cath’s work on Sadler Jones’ page right here!


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