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Meet The Designers - Redback

Published date: 15/03/2019 13:41


Once again, it’s time to meet one of our lovely designers. This time round we’re chatting with Capella, a designer from Redback. Redback are best known for their whimsical humour and refreshing designs, and have been a Scribbler favourite for ages!

Thank you for taking the time out to chat to us Capella. Let’s kick off by seeing where you get your inspiration from?

Literally everywhere! Fashion is so inspiring for trends and colour and you can find all sorts of interesting shapes and elements in natural and urban environments. I also get very inspired by film, art and of course, shopping!

All of the Redback designs are so unique, do you have to do anything special to get your creative juices going?

I find creativity flows best when I’m prepared, inspired and most importantly excited! I love bouncing ideas off friends and colleagues to really get thoughts and ideas flowing.


How long have you been designing cards and what paths did you take to become a card designer?

I’ve been designing cards for 5 years now and although I have a background in theatre and performance art, I am self-taught in graphic design. I didn’t get into card designing until I had a chance meeting with one of Redback’s directors in a café! I love the fact that one of our licensed illustrators Liz Climo started her design career as an animator on everyone’s favourite cartoon, The Simpsons! Now that’s quite a legacy!


Oh wow! That’s awesome! How did you discover your passion for design?

It took me a long time to realise that my natural love for aesthetics was actually a passion and a skill! I get so much pleasure from the way things look and feel and apply it to all aspects of my life. Now it’s my day job, I couldn’t be happier!

You guys have such a wide range of styles; do you have a favourite?

I love our Cloud Nine range. Simple, clean typography lets the cards speak for themselves.


What advice would you give to anyone wanting to design cards?

Give it a go! Always keep in mind who would send it to and why! This is something I still keep in mind every day.

Who have you been inspired by in the past?

Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Vivienne Westwood, Mexican folk art, David LaChappelle, Tarantino, vintage posters and typography and of course everything that came out of the Eighties!

We've got some quick-fire questions for you! What's your favourite TV show? 

My favourite TV show of the moment is Fleabag, but I also have a thing for Swedish noir!

What’s your favourite creative medium?

I spent several years papercutting but now most of my artwork is achieved digitally.

What’s your favourite type of music?

Lady Dragon and London Grammar. Electro pop feels!

What’s your favourite card from your Scribbler range?

Shits and Giggles. Literally the best card ever! I love the saying it really makes me LOL!



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