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Meet The Designers - Kazvare Made It

Published date: 08/05/2019 09:55


To mark the launch of their brand-new cards, we’re speaking to Kazvare from Kazvare Made It. From their amazing pop-culture references and brilliant illustrations, Kazvare Made It has created one of Scribbler’s most unique range of cards.

Hi Kazvare, thank you so much for chatting with me today. Could you tell us a little bit about yourself? Do you have a background in design?

I’m a designer/illustrator but my background is a melting pot of interests. I have a BA (Hons) in Classics and from there I pursued an MA in African Studies. Prior to launching into illustration full time, I was building a career within the charity sector. But behind the scenes, I was still either involved in illustration or design in some way - whether it was dabbling in freelance projects (like doing design work for BBC’s The Apprentice) or moulding my job roles to have a creative output to some extent.


That all sounds so exciting and working on the Apprentice must have been so awesome! Have you always had a passion to create?

Yes - since I was a kid, I’ve always loved drawing and not too long ago I found an old notebook that I wrote in when I was about 9 years old. I declared that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up. And a chef, but let’s not dwell on that one.

It’s so cool that you knew from such a young age! When I was little, I wanted to be a stuntwoman and that definitely didn’t happen! Whereabouts are you based? And are there any cool creative scenes nearby?

We’re based in London, so we’re surrounded by a wealth of creative scenes all around. One of my favourite places to go to soak up creative vibes is the Tate Modern, but I love that there are always cool exhibitions opening up all over the capital.


Obviously, you take inspiration from loads of celebrities, do you have a favourite celeb that you like to use?

Beyoncé, because...obvs.

We can’t blame you there, she’s Queen B! How do you go about designing your cards? Do you ever see something that’s gone viral and just know you’ll use it for a card? Or do you take time to plan the designs out?

I do a bit of both! I tend to brainstorm ideas seasonally - so I’ll work on a bunch of ideas for Christmas, let’s say. If there is anything in pop culture that lends itself well to what I’m trying to create, then I add that in for sure.


Every illustrator does it differently, so it’s always so interesting to hear. What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t ever cut your own fringe - it’s a road full of regrets.

We’ve got a few quick-fire questions lined up:

What is your favourite animal/tv show/ film?

Animal: Koalas?   TV Show: A Different World    Film: Coming To America

What’s your favourite creative medium?

Music. It inspires everything else for me.

Favourite type of music?

If I were to choose just one, it’d R&B.

What’s your favourite card from your Scribbler range?

Today, I’ll go with the twerking pug.

Thank you so much for chatting with us today Kazvare, it’s been so entertaining.

You can check out Kazvare Made It’s full range right here. Go on, it’s amazing.


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