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What's the difference between Outlaws and In-Laws?

Published date: 23/04/2019 13:31


Are you one of the lucky few on good terms with your in-laws? Even if you aren’t, you’re in luck! Because Scribbler has just created some awesome In-Law cards perfect for your lovely extended family to enhance friendships or build bridges.

Ahh, Mother-In-Laws, the family’s battle-axe! Those eyes always watching, always judging. But what she doesn’t realise is you live with one of her children and they have plenty of room for improvement too! Unsaddle her from her high horse and make her smile with this hilarious Mother-In-Law card.

Were you intimidated by an over protective Father-In-Law? Was he always letting you know that he could crush you like an ant if you ever hurt his precious child? Well, soften him up with this claw-some Father- In-Law card and let him know you’re not all bad!

Have you struck up an iconic bromance with your Brother-In-Law? Are you like Turk and JD? Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg? Or Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen? Inseparable is the word that sums you guys up and this corny card will be perfect to cement your new found friendship with your bro-in-law.

She’s your sister from another mister and you wouldn’t change that for the world. One great thing about having a partner (apart from you know… the unconditional love) is striking up an unbreakable friendship with your sister-in-law. You and I both know you won’t really want to put her in a drawer, but it doesn’t hurt to imagine it from time to time! She’d have to be pretty flexible, tbh.


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