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Our hot and steamy Valentine's gift guide

Published date: 01/02/2019 10:22


Valentine’s is here again, you’ve been there done that with flowers, chocolates were so 2018, it’s time for something fresh! So, why not visit a Scribbler store near you for some exclusive and unique Valentine’s gifts that your partner will love.

For the randy romantic:

Valentine's can be such a cliché, getting dressed up for a slap-up meal, champagne, chocolate, the whole shebang. But that can be such a faff! So, this Valentine’s treat them to a cosy night in complete with movies, junk food and snuggling under the covers and Scribbler have some brilliant gifts to help you.

Get ready to snuggle their brains out with our adorable The Snuggle is Real' Hot Water Bottle, perfect for keeping it hot and steamy under the covers. To top it off create the perfect movie experience: you, them, cosy blankets, popcorn and your favourite beverage (disclaimer: does not include Tango Ice Blasts). With our ‘Flix and Chill’ gift set you get a huge popcorn bucket and two reusable cups with straws. Give them a memento of your cosy Valentine's with a 'Larry the Lobster' cuddle toy as well.


For the nudie foodie:

Is your partner a whizz with a whisk? A perfectionist with a pan? Then our food inspired gifts are going to be perfect for them. (Bonus: maybe you’ll be lucky and get to sample the food after so it’s a win-win situation for you!)

Is he a gentleman on the streets, bad boy in the sheets and a thug in the... kitchen? Knock their meals up another notch with this awesome 'Thug Kitchen' cookbook. So, this Valentine's meal will be epic! For afters, quench your thirst for romance, with our flamin' hot hot chocolate. Perfect for your cosy night in.


For the first or thirty-first date:

You've watched the rom-com at the cinema, you've had your cheeky Nando's and  you've gotten over the jitters, so now it's time to go home. Is it your place or mine? Yours? No probs! Get to know your date a little more with our 'Kinky Truth or Dare' game! Reveal your most outlandish desires and naughtiest fantasies with this devilish gift. 

Wash away the worry of looking like you’ve been pulled through a hedge backwards with our exclusive ‘bangover’ kit, perfect for the morning after the night before. Complete with shampoo and body lotion to leave you feelin' fresh.


For the dirty flirt:

Whether your having a cosy night in or an epic night out, top it off with these cheeky gifts. Flirt your way to the top with this x-rated game, 'Name the Emoji'. Guess the naughty phrase, written out in emojis! Maybe when you’re done, you could re-enact some ðŸ˜‰? Get a little more x-rated with the 'Position of the Day' book, filled with 365 gravity defying positions that will blow your partners mind... among other things! Remember the classic Jazzie? Well, it’s just had an upgrade to the ‘Jizzle’ and unlike their name sake, you won’t want to spit these out...


For the ones that said no gifts:

You may have both agreed not to get anything this year because you want to save for that romantic getaway, or your dream house. But it won't hurt to get them a little something. Show them your naughty or nice side with these awesome pin badges, exclusively available in Scribbler stores.


At Scribbler, there truly is something for everyone. Now, go forth and have the best Valentine's Day ever!



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