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Happy Father's Day from your little disappointment

Published date: 28/05/2019 12:33


So, your Dad knows the score – you’ve been a little shit, whether you’ve needed lifts to friend’s house, borrowed money to go out or disappointed him with your life choices, he knows it. But what he doesn’t know is that you’re fully aware of all of that too! So, get him a Father’s Day card that states the obvious!

All those “Dad, can I borrow a tenner?”'s start to add up and now you probably owe him thousands! Make sure you plan on paying him back little by little. Wanna start a payment plan?

Everyone has their flaws; your Dad happens to think it’s your veganism. Maybe he’s just disappointed that you can’t sample his fabulous BBQs anymore.

Does he have his own app? Because that would make getting those free rides in and out of town a lot easier!

Have you been living in sin? Perhaps you’ve not yet met the ONE, or you’re a strong independent woman who don’t need no man. No matter your circumstances, you can feel secure in the fact he’ll be happy that he hasn’t had to pay for your wedding… yet.

He’s put up with years of being embarrassed at the supermarket by your temper tantrums, you drawing on the walls and flushing his car keys down the toilet. It’s now time to apologise for all those times and let know you’ve grown out of it... for the most part.

Maybe you’ve been the ideal child, but we doubt it. However, if your delusions seem real take a look at the rest of our Father’s Day cards right here.


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