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Father's Day Gift Guide

Published date: 04/06/2019 09:51


Father’s Day is just around the corner and while some are scrambling for No.1 Dad mugs, you’re here looking for some truly memorable Father’s Day gifts and Scribbler will not disappoint! Make sure you snap a photo of your Dad’s face when he opens up one of these edgy gifts.

Board Games

Are you guys bored of board games like Cluedo or Monopoly? Well, get prepared to make it awkward this Father’s Day with Scribbler’s outrageously filthy board games!

Show your Dad what a horrible child he raised with Cards Against Humanity. Your Dad will be sure to show off his sick sense of humour as well! If he’s your Dad is bound to fall in love with this hilarious game.

Stick your head in the gutter with Gutterhead! A unique game that will show off your disgustingly dirty mind to your proud Dad! When your Dad opens it up, he’ll see that this game is like if Pictionary and Cards Against Humanity had a mutant baby.

What do you mean What Do You Meme? Does your Dad know the difference between ‘Good Guy Greg’ and ‘Scumbag Steve’? He’s either spent too much time or not enough time on Reddit! Whether he’s a #memelover or not, get your Dad to pair the funniest card with the ridiculous meme so he can keep up to date with the Internet's funniest meme and have a blast this Father’s Day with What Do You Meme?



Normally socks would be one of the most uninspired, boring, dull gifts. But not these socks! These socks couldn’t get more exciting if they got up and starting walking around on their own.

Is your Dad going stir-crazy in the corporate world? Then let him subtly stick to fingers up to the execs with these ‘This Meeting is Bollocks’ Socks.

Is your Dad constantly being asked to wash the car or do some DIY on his lazy Sundays? Equip him with these F-Off Socks so that when he FINALLY gets a chance to put his feet up, he can tell your family what he thinks without having to say a single word!

Treat your Dad to a Father’s Day full of gaming and make sure everyone knows not to disturb him when he’s absolutely engrossed in GTA with these ‘Fuck Off, I’m Gaming’ Socks.



Father’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a novelty gift like one of these hilariously satirical gifts.

Put your Dad to work this Father’s Day with our Donald Trump Toilet Brush, because what better way to get your toilet sparkly clean than have your Dad scrub it with the Leader of the Free World!

The Donald Trump novelty items don’t stop there! Is your Dad one of those Dads who said no to a dog and then it became his best friend? Well, why not get your Dad’s bestie a Donald Trump inspired dog toy, don’t worry though this one doesn’t talk, it squeaks which is arguably a much better noise. If Donald doesn't tickle his fancy we also have Jeremy Corbyn, Theresa May and Boris Johnson dog toys for good measure!

Are you always worrying about your Dad going out on his bike at night? Firstly, kudos to you because that shit is thoughtful. Secondly, worry no more because we've got Bike Balls! You came from his balls so repay the favour and rest assured that every single driver will see him from a mile away.


So, there you have it, our Father’s Day gift guide! Treat your Dad to an… ahem alternative gift this Father’s Day, I can guarantee it’ll be way more memorable than anything you’ve ever bought him in the past! If you liked these gifts, we’ve got plenty more for you to take a look at right here.


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