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Face Behind the Cards - Tillovision

Published date: 03/02/2021 12:18

On this weeks Face Behind the Cards we caught up with Richard Tillotson, the genius husband of the duo behind Tillovision (big shoutout to Suzanne!). With over 20 years experience in the greetings card industry, you'll no doubt recognise their brilliant and often cheeky pun humour cards.

So Richard...

How did you get into designing cards? Was it something you always wanted to do?

In 1997 I was an unemployed university drop out rave casualty and I was offered 3 weeks work mocking up cards in hallmark's design studio. I stayed for 15 years.

What inspires your work? How do you come up with the punny ideas?!

For inspiration I generally doodle in a sketchbook and wait for ideas to happen. They do pop in to the brain if you wait long enough.

So what’s your working process? 

Once I've had an idea I sketch the design with pencil and paper, then draw the design on an ipad. I use a very simple vector based drawing app called illustrator draw. I'm not clever enough to use procreate. 

Has lockdown 1, 2 or 3 impacted how you work at all? 

Lockdown 1,2,3 - I was already working from home so there was less impact than many, and people have still been sending greeting cards in lockdown. So we're incredibly grateful that we've been able to carry on working through this crisis. Lockdown also gave greeting card writers lots of new material - I never thought cards with toilet rolls on would be a thing!

Which is the card you are most proud of / is your favourite? Why?
Well, lots of my cards are a bit rude so I have to hide them from my kids and my mum (I'm 47)… So it's a mixture of pride and shame. 

What has been your lockdown rewatch or binge watch? 

This lockdown my favourite binge watch has been Chris Whitty's daily bulletin of doom. Also She-ra and The Princesses of Power, which the kids make me watch. My favourite princess is Glimmer, especially new hairstyle Glimmer which she got in season 4. 

Finally, tell us one fun or surprising fact about yourself? 

Fun fact about me? I was once an extra in 1980s kids tv program Rag Dolly Anna. I played an 8 year old hoodlum. In double denim. Rag Dolly Anna. There's a cultural reference that will resonate with Scribbler's young, hip customers. 


You can shop the full Tillovision range here. Thanks a lot to Richard for answering our questions and taking part. Stay tuned etc etc!


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