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Face Behind the Cards - Rumble Cards

Published date: 26/03/2021 13:00

Jess-RumbleCards (1).jpg

On this week’s Face Behind the Cards, we spoke to Jess from Rumble Cards. If you’re looking for witty puns and funny celeb references, this girl has got you covered! Her work frequently gets a laugh from our customers. Without further ado, let’s find out a little bit about her and her business. 

1. Tell us a bit about yourself? 

Hi! My names Jess, I started Rumble in 2015 and currently run my business from my Studio in Peckham at the Bussey Building! 

2. How did you get into making cards? Was it always something you wanted to do? 

I actually started Rumble Cards by accident. I wasn’t a designer before, but had always worked in creative industries. I did my degree in Photography, and worked in Art Galleries and then as a Video Editor for a couple of years. On the side I started an Etsy shop and uploaded a couple of greeting card designs that I thought were funny, and they started to sell really well. I realised there was a gap in the market at the time for Celebrity cards, so continued to create more.  I never expected it to expand as much as it has done and quickly had to learn how to draw, design and run a business! 

3.  A lot of your designs are pop culture based. If you could do a collab with any celebrity (dead or alive) who would it be and why? 

It would have to be Andy Warhol! I love his use of colour, technique and his images of celebrities has definitely influenced my work.

4.  Has lockdown changed the way you work at all? 

Yeah 100%, I think like a lot of other business’ I have had to change the way I work and rearrange my business a little to work with our restrictions. As shops have been closed, online platforms have picked up a lot, so I have been putting more energy into that. 

5.  What is your favourite card you've made and why? 

Recently I have been working on an Artist Series, where I have been collaborating with some of my favourite artists. I come up with the creative and each designer brings my ideas to life. The first designs I did with Ashley Le Quere, based on ideas of nostalgia from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s are def my favourite so far! 

6.  Did you pick up any lockdown hobbies/do you have a recent lockdown binge watch to recommend?

I started ‘Crafternoons’ with my studio pal on Fridays, our very own after school arts & crafts club. And also Boxing!! 

7.  What are you most looking forward to as soon as the world goes back to normal or gets a little more normal over the next few months? 

Travelling!! I need to go and find the sun and sea! ☀️🍹🌴

8.  Tell us one fun fact about yourself 

I also run a pop up shop called TITS 🍉🍉  We support and showcase female designers, and donate part of our profits to Coppafeel. ( 

Take a look at our full collection of Rumble Cards here.


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