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Face Behind the Cards - Lucy Maggie Designs

Published date: 13/04/2021 12:00


For this week's Face Behind the Cards we have Lucy from Lucy Maggie Designs. If you're looking for colourful, fun and humorous cards, this designer is an absolute go-to.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello! My name is Lucy, the face behind Lucy Maggie Designs. I run an independent stationery and giftware business based out of my studio in the Baltic triangle area in Liverpool. 

2) How did you get into making cards? Was it always something you wanted to do?

Not really! I'd actually quit my job to go travelling and when I returned (making no money and looking for a job) I found myself designing cards. I tested a few designs out on Etsy and found that they were selling, and things sort of grew from there. The game-changer was attending my first trade show a few years back, and I now find myself supplying my products to lots of stores, including (of course) the fantastic Scribbler! 

3) Has lockdown changed the way you work at all?

As an independent business - and a one-woman business until really recently! - I've always had to be comfortable working on my own and relying on my own best judgement, so from that perspective, things have remained much the same. Lockdown has certainly changed how I sell my cards though and I am selling much more cards online due to shop closures. I've also had time to invest in designing new stationery and giftware products such as notebooks, mugs and hair accessories, which has been really fun.   

4) What is your favourite card you've made and why?

That's a tough one. I have a card that says 'Shake Your Tits, It's Your Birthday' which is really successful and therefore has to be up there, but I've been spending some time recently on lots of new designs, and I think I love some of those more! I'm a big cat lover and at the moment I'm liking my 'love you always' cat card. 

5) Did you pick up any lockdown hobbies/do you have a recent lockdown binge watch to recommend?

Besides eating and drinking too much?! Do they count as hobbies? If not, I've also been trying my hand at some different craft projects, including jewellery-making and sewing, as well as putting a lot of energy into not killing my growing lockdown plant family. 
I'm actually currently re-watching Breaking Bad, having completed Netflix over the past 12 months. I binged-watched Schitts Creek a couple of months ago - if you've not seen it, watch it now! 

6) What are you most looking forward to as soon as the world goes back to normal or gets a little more normal over the next few months?

Hugs, pubs and holidays. And seeing my family - I miss my mum, dad and sister a lot! 

7) Tell us one fun fact about yourself 🙂

I've just written my first children's book 'Lion on the Loose', which is being illustrated by the amazingly talented Zoe of Zoe Spry design. It's being released later in the year and I am super excited about it! 

To see more of Lucy's dynamite designs, take a look here!


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