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CoppaFeel! x Scribbler

Published date: 21/01/2020 00:00

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CoppaFeel of this…

In the UK, 1 in 8 women will experience breast cancer in their lifetime and 400 men are diagnosed every year.

We at Scribbler aren’t shy of a tough topic or a cheeky bit of nudity, and have therefore chosen to team up with breast cancer awareness charity, CoppaFeel, who perfectly combine both these things with a touch of light-hearted humour.

We’ll be spreading the love this Valentine’s by donating a percentage of our Scribbler x CoppaFeel card sales from this range to support CoppaFeel and their amazing charity work!

Breast friends

CoppaFeel were the first breast cancer awareness charity to specifically target young people, with the aim of educating and empowering guys, gals and non-binary pals to check their boobs/pecs from a young age. In getting to know our breasts, the hope is to catch any signs or symptoms as early as possible, and give ourselves the best chance of beating breast cancer.


Boob Bot at your service

Not sure you’re confident or qualified enough to get up and personal with your breasts? That’s what CoppaFeel are here for. They’ve recently launched their own Boob Bot messenger assistant which will guide you through checking your boobs, giving personalised advice based on the gender you identify as, your size, if you have implants etc.

The bot aims to make your boob check as easy and as thorough as possible, and can be used on a regular basis (recommended once a month). Of course, if you do detect anything unusual, you should always make an appointment with your GP.

Got the message?

You’re probably already thinking; that’s great but I’m never going to remember to do this, let alone every month?! You can sign up to the charity’s free monthly text service which will simply send you a monthly reminder to check your breasts. It takes only a few minutes and could save your life!

You can donate to the charity, find out more information about what they do and test your boob knowledge, all at CoppaFeel’s website.

Scribbler x CoppaFeel

Support CoppaFeel today by buying a Scribbler card from our CoppaFeel x Scribbler Valentine’s range online or visiting one of our stores, and choosing any card from our naked range. We'll be donating 12.5% of sales from the range in store, and 10% of net profit of the selected online range. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for a boob-filled giveaway on our Instagram very soon!







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