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What type of Celeb Mum is your Mum?

Published date: 11/03/2019 14:14


Mother's Day is fast approaching and we, at Scribbler, thought it would be awesome to see what type of celeb Mum our Mums are! Delve into the questions and learn something new about your Mum today!

How often does your Mum check up on you?

  1. Every couple of hours?
  2. Every day?
  3. Whenever there was a prestigious event coming up
  4. She doesn’t even know my number!

How many sports teams were you in as a child?

  1. She didn’t make me if I didn’t want to
  2. One
  3. Every. Single. Damn. Team.
  4. What is sport?

You need some cakes making for school, what did your Mum make?

  1. Shop-bought cakes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.
  2. A lemon meringue
  3. Something simple but effective, like a Victoria Sponge
  4. Cat shaped biscuits

What things would your Mum make you get up to during the summer holidays?

  1. Board games with friends
  2. Water Park
  3. Stage school, football practice, tennis, basically every activity imaginable
  4. Looking after her cats

Why did you get a mobile phone?

  1. So she could check up on me, you know, just in case
  2. Because I was old enough to pay for it
  3. So I could start an Instagram empire
  4. So I could take pictures of the cat!

It’s your birthday, what did your Mum get for you?

  1. An Atari, or whatever the new games console was
  2. Probably get a petting zoo and throw a huge party
  3. Whatever the latest trend on social media
  4. A kitten

Tally up your score and see what kind of Mum your Mum is!

Mostly As: The Checker Upper

Do you have eight missed calls, 12 texts and 2 voicemails from your Mum? Your Mum has obviously taken a leaf out of Joyce Byers’ book!

Mostly Bs: Dad did the job of two

Your Dad took on the role of your Mum and totally bossed it. It might be Mother’s Day but there’s plenty of Dad’s who have gone the extra mile, just like Mrs Doubtfire.

Mostly Cs: The Momager

Your Mum's your greatest support! Did she cheer you on at every single sport event? Or give you a standing ovation at all of your Christmas plays? If your Mum goes above and beyond to make sure you achieve the very best, then she is just like Kim K’s momager – Kris Jenner!

Mostly Ds: The Mother of Cats

You were raised with cats as your siblings, but you wouldn’t have it any different! Does crazy cat lady perfectly describe your Mum? Then she is definitely the Mother of Cats!


Whatever type of Mum she is, she’s amazing in every way! So, make sure she knows how much you appreciate her this Mother’s Day with a wonderful card from Scribbler.


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