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HandsOffMyDinosaur Cards

Welcome to the pun-derful world of HandsOffMyDinosaur! Created by illustrator Teo Zirinis, HandsOffMyDinosaur designs are inspired by everything from food, books and cartoons. This fantastic greeting card range with Scribbler aims to help everyone look on the funny side of life!

Rude Content?
Tell your friend they're getting super old in the cutest way possible

Old Friend Card

For those lazy sloths out there

Close Enough Card

A birthday card for penguin lovers.

Fish Cake Card

Everyone loves giving out advice. Just be careful where it comes from! :D

Advice Card

New In
A super sweet anniversary card!

Honeyversary Card

Tis always the season for nuggets

Christmas Nuggets Card

Only here for the cake! Wish them a happy birthday with this awesome card!

Hungry Shark Card

It's time to party! Wish them a happy birthday with this brilliant card!

Congaroos Card

Spread some cheer via a cute little worm!

Worm Wishes Card

One is never enough! Wish them a Happy Birthday with this HandsOffMyDinosaur card.

Moregaritas Card

Nothing like a dinosaur full of candles to wish dino lovers a happy birthday!

Birthdaysaurus Card

Ahh, the joys of post christmas shopping

Christmas Returns Card

For all the old cold folks out there Say Happy Birthday with this cute card by HandsOffMyDinosaur.

Old And Cold Card

Ouch! Getting old sucks!

Bad Back Whale Card

Mothman lovers birthdays Say Happy Birthday with this cute card by HandsOffMyDinosaur.

Mothman Birthday Card

For those about to dance the night away!

The Time Of My Life Card

A familiar christmas jingle for the cat lovers

Kitty Christmas Card

Because sometimes things don't go exactly as planned.

Merry Christmess Card

Yeti advice for a happy birthday :)

Birthday Yeti Card

For the grumpy Bigfoot that hides from the celebrations

Bigfoot Birthday Card

You're the souvlaki to my fries

Souvlucky Card

So many wishes!

Wishes Card

Thanks for the reminder Nessie!

Existential Crisis Card

Celebrate your love with this cute toothbrush card

Better Toothgether Card

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