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Dean Morris Cards

Rude Content?
Don't be shy we've all done it. Maybe don't be quite so enthusiastic as this merry bunch of OAP's though

Hands Up In The Pool Card

Some days you just can't decide between arsebadger and shitnubbin. This delightfully rude birthday card makes sure you'll always have a perfect swear word at hand.

Favourite Swear Word Card

Well, we didn?t want to say anything? Send this Dean Morris card to your Dad on Father's Day and let him know how self-aware you are!

Like Son Card

Unfortunately wiping bums isn't an eye for an eye kind of deal. If he wiped your bum, it doesn't mean you'll be wiping his. Say it with this Dean Morris Father's Day card.

Wiped My Arse Card

Is 'ask your Mum' the soundtrack to your childhood? Then let you Dad know with this silly Father's Day Birthday card by Dean Morris.

Ask Your Mum Card

So that's what Dad stands for! Say Happy Father's Day to your beer-loving Dad with this Dean Morris card.

Drunk And Disorderly Card

New In
Here's a very rude birthday card for someone. I'm sure they'll get the joke.

Cunt Alert Card

Send this silly Dean Morris on their birthday and make them laugh!

Big Gay Card

New In
Like Father like son. Here's now the perfect Father's Day card.

Big As Idiot As Your Dad Card

Well, you must be a barrel of laughs then! Send them this hilariously deadpan birthday card by Dean Morris.

Shit Myself Card

Cliched Father's Day Card. But all Dad's love golf, football, gardening and beer, don't they? For a brilliant Dad who doesn't fit in any mould, have a laugh with this Dean Morris Father's Day card. This green card says Cliched Father's Day Card and has a drawing of two retro men playing golf.

Cliched Father's Day Card

New In
Here's a perfect card for Father's Day that Dad can put up in his man shed.

Lord Of The Man Shed Card

This Dean Morris Birthday card doesn't really need a description. The picket sign says it all!

I Love Anal Card

Piss Off Kids. If your Dad shows his affection in a very unaffectionate way, make him uncomfortable with this show of love on Father's Day. Retro inspired design by Dean Morris. This multi-coloured Father's Day card says Piss Off Kids and has a drawing of a retro family.

Piss Off Kids Card

New In
It's hard work being a Dad so that beer is definitely needed.

Where's My Beer Father's Day Card

Does gin keep your Mum going? Then send her this Dean Morris Mother's Day card!

Mother Needs Gin Card

Some wankers need professional help and that's where this guy could help you. Send this Dean Morris Birthday card to someone who needs help.

First Class Wanker Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: Occasionally when I find an image the punchline will sometimes present itself almost immediately. This best-selling card was definitely one of them and it's subsequently appeared on coasters, magnets, mugs, gift wrap and more. I think this cat speaks for all cats

This Cat Card

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