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Dean Morris Cards

Rude Content?
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Here's a very rude birthday card for someone. I'm sure they'll get the joke.

Cunt Alert Card

Some days you just can't decide between arsebadger and shitnubbin. This delightfully rude birthday card makes sure you'll always have a perfect swear word at hand.

Favourite Swear Word Card

Probs best to toss it in the bin in that case! Say happy birthday with this hilarious Dean Morris card and let them know just because you're a vegan, you still have a damn good sense of humour.

Vegan Birthday Cake Card

Good Luck! Don't Fuck It Up. Keep your fingers crossed for them. A fantastically blunt Dean Morris Good Luck card for a friend or family member. Especially if they have an interview, have started a new job or they're leaving an old one.

Don't Fuck It Up Card

Unfortunately wiping bums isn't an eye for an eye kind of deal. If he wiped your bum, it doesn't mean you'll be wiping his. Say it with this Dean Morris Father's Day card.

Wiped My Arse Card

At least you've got that going for you! Send them your commiserations with this hilarious Dean Morris Birthday card.

Not Dead Yet Card

Aren't they gone already? Send this Dean Morris card to someone who can take a good joke!

5 Minutes Card

Well, we didn?t want to say anything? Send this Dean Morris card to your Dad on Father's Day and let him know how self-aware you are!

Like Son Card

Some people just need reminding that they're getting on a bit. Sometimes elasticated trousers, readers Digest subscriptions, and crows feet are not evidence enough.

You Old Bastard Card

Say Happy Birthday to your gay best friend with this card from Dean Morris. After all they're the best!

Gay Best Friend Card

Sometimes the direct approach is needed, especially if people aren't sticking to those social distancing guidelines. Or if you just want to F off...

Fuck Off Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: Occasionally when I find an image the punchline will sometimes present itself almost immediately. This best-selling card was definitely one of them and it's subsequently appeared on coasters, magnets, mugs, gift wrap and more. I think this cat speaks for all cats

This Cat Card

This one from Dean Morris is for the one that resorts to beer for any occasion.

Learned From Beer Card

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Even if they can't speak, we all know what cats are thinking. Now you can share it with this rude birthday card.

Swearing Cats Card

Happy Birthday To My Sexy Hunk Of A Husband. A great Dean Morris birthday card for the eye candy on your arm. A brilliant card for your other half.

Hunk Of A Husband Card

This card by Dean Morris will help you out if you're stuck on ideas for this year's Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Goals Card

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