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Dean Morris Cards

Rude Cards?
Do you have that one friend where everything has to revolve around them, even if it's your Birthday!? Next time it's your birthday (or theirs) maybe send them this card, just so that they know.

Today Is All About You Card

Send this rude word search to that one friend who is an absolute... (well they'll have to find it).

Rude Word Search Card

This Dean Morris card is for the sexy beast in your life to send on their birthday.

Happy Birthday You Sexy Beast Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: I love this card and a quick search on google seems to attest that a lot of other people do. This has always been very popular in France. I keep thinking I should change vegetarian to vegan, but for this classic I???m keeping it as it has always been.

Go Green Fuck A Vegetarian Card

Some days you just can't decide between arsebadger and shitnubbin. This delightfully rude birthday card makes sure you'll always have a perfect swear word at hand.

Favourite Swear Word Card

Never get so old that you smell of wee all the time. Dean Morris gives you a new worry about getting older for your birthday.

Never Smell Of Wee Card

Don't be shy we've all done it. Maybe don't be quite so enthusiastic as this merry bunch of OAP's though

Hands Up In The Pool Card

Probs best to toss it in the bin in that case! Say happy birthday with this hilarious Dean Morris card and let them know just because you're a vegan, you still have a damn good sense of humour.

Vegan Birthday Cake Card

Give this Dean Morris card to a massive wanker to wish them well on their birthday!

Even Wankers Deserve A Card

Send this great Birthday card by Dean Morris to the camp little sausage in your life.

Camp Card

I Fucking Love You AND I Love Fucking You. Be completely open and honest with this anniversary or Valentine's card from Dean Morris. What better compliment could you give to your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend?

I Love Fucking You Card

Here's one argument where everyone needs to pick a side. Are you a Crazy cat lady or a dog daddy?

Difference Between Dogs And Cats Card

Cat's couldn't give two shits whether you've aged or not, just feed them and get on with it! Send a fellow cat-owner this hilarious Dean Morris Birthday card from their cat.

Birthday Cat Card

Let's be real, we've all made that face. Let them know you've seen theirs with this hilarious Birthday card by Dean Morris.

Satisfying Fart Card

To mark Dean Morris Cards 20th Birthday, we've spoke to the man himself and he has this to say about that card: Nothing like a spot of casual blasphemy to provide a humour Birthday, Christmas or Easter greeting

Out Of My Way Bitches Card

Well, I guess there's nothing else to say really. Don't beat about the bush, send this Dean Morris Anniversary card now.

Suck My Dick Card

And she put all that effort into his cake. The little git deserves this Dean Morris Birthday card, so let him have it - right in the mush.

Go F**K Yourself Card

Send your bro this silly Dean Morris Birthday card on their Bday, obvs.

Bro Card

How did the cats hold the pen to write it, though? Dean Morris made the perfect Birthday card for the mad cat-person.

Happy Birthday From All Your Cats Card

I've heard it was more like 9, either way if there's a c*** in your life this might be a wonderful Birthday card for them. Even more if they love cats.

8 out of 10 Cats

It can be so amusing to watch someone you know celebrate their birthday with pure excitement. Send this Dean Morris card, it'll be like looking in a mirror!

This Is You Every Birthday Card

Happy Blow Job Day! That is the unofficial name for it. A charmingly direct Valentine's or anniversary card from Dean Morris. Perfect for a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife who needs reminding.

Happy Blow Job Day Card

So many occasions, so many twats. Dean Morris has the perfect Birthday card, so make a start and tell them all.

You're A Twat Card

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